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Recommended update for adminer

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2021-02-19
This update for adminer fixes the following issues:

adminer was updated to version 4.7.9:

* Reorder changes
* Editor: Avoid trailing dot in export filename
* Skip impossible condition ($link always contains ?username=)
* Fix displayed foreign key columns from other DB (bug #766)
* Do not display empty database in the list twice
* Display CSRF logout error after connecting
* Fix displaying type mapping for Elasticsearch >= 6.0
* MongoDB: Prefer modern extension
* Fix MongoDB connect 'Database does not support password.' tips
* Update bug numbers
* Postgres - fix missing partitioned tables in navigation
* Linkify URLs in SQL results
* Title for select data link
* Quote values with leading and trailing zeroes in CSV export (bug #777)
* MySQL: Don't quote default value of text fields (bug #779)
* fixed Unsupported operand types when $port is socket
* Respect SQL command URL parameters
* Fix XSS in browsers which don't encode URL parameters (bug #775)
* SQLite: Set busy_timeout to 500
* PostgreSQL 11: Create PRIMARY KEY for auto increment columns
* PostgreSQL: Support smallserial
* Add comment
* PostgreSQL PDO: Support PgBouncer, unsupport PostgreSQL < 9.1 (bug #771)
* fix wrong hungarian translation
* Editor: Cast to string when searching (bug #325)
* Don't syntax highlight during IME composition (bug #747)
* PostgreSQL: Use bigserial for bigint auto increment (bug #765, regression from 3.0.0)
* MSSQL: Don't trucate displayed comments to 30 chars (use varchar maximum of 8000 upon casting)
* Update Korean translation (thanks to B. Cansmile Cha)
* add alternative design dracula theme
* show correct collation for PostgresSQL
* PostgreSQL: Fix current schema in view definition
* Add external designs as submodules
* Fixes to lucas-sandery theme
* Do not export names in quotes with sql_mode='ANSI_QUOTES' (bug #749)
* Fix PgSQL generated always as identity fix
* Update Russian translation.
* Update Ukrainian translation.
* PostgreSQL: Export all FKs after all CREATE TABLE
* MySQL, MariaDB: Fix doc links
* Do not display SQL function for checkbox
* Fix style (bug #743)
* PostgreSQL: Fix dollar-quoted syntax highlighting (bug #738)
* Elasticsearch, ClickHouse: Do not print response if HTTP code is not 200
* Add basic Makefile.
* Travis: add php 7.4 && 8.0
* Re-enable PHP warnings

Update to version 4.7.8:

* Release 4.7.8
* MySQL: Use renamed variable
* Avoid PDO exceptions in PHP 8
* Fix method call after #406
* Improve check for numeric ports (bug #769)
* Add missing method
* Fix compatibility with PHP 8
* Avoid each() not available in PHP 8
* Fix style
* Escape : also in remove_from_param

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