Update Info


Security update for rclone

Type: security
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2021-02-10
This update for rclone fixes the following issues:

rclone was updated to version 1.53.3:

  * Bug Fixes
    - Fix incorrect use of math/rand instead of crypto/rand
      CVE-2020-28924 boo#1179005 (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Check https://github.com/rclone/passwordcheck for a tool check for
      weak passwords generated by rclone
  * VFS
    - Fix vfs/refresh calls with fs= parameter (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Sharefile
    - Fix backend due to API swapping integers for strings (Nick Craig-Wood)

Update to 1.53.2:

  * Bug Fixes
    - accounting
      + Fix incorrect speed and transferTime in core/stats (Nick Craig-Wood)
      + Stabilize display order of transfers on Windows (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - operations
      + Fix use of --suffix without --backup-dir (Nick Craig-Wood)
      + Fix spurious "--checksum is in use but the source and destination have no hashes in common" (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - build
      + Work around GitHub actions brew problem (Nick Craig-Wood)
      + Stop using set-env and set-path in the GitHub actions (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Mount
    - mount2: Fix the swapped UID / GID values (Russell Cattelan)
  * VFS
    - Detect and recover from a file being removed externally from the cache (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Fix a deadlock vulnerability in downloaders.Close (Leo Luan)
    - Fix a race condition in retryFailedResets (Leo Luan)
    - Fix missed concurrency control between some item operations and reset (Leo Luan)
    - Add exponential backoff during ENOSPC retries (Leo Luan)
    - Add a missed update of used cache space (Leo Luan)
    - Fix --no-modtime to not attempt to set modtimes (as documented) (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Local
    - Fix sizes and syncing with --links option on Windows (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Chunker
    - Disable ListR to fix missing files on GDrive (workaround) (Ivan Andreev)
    - Fix upload over crypt (Ivan Andreev)
  * Fichier
    - Increase maximum file size from 100GB to 300GB (gyutw)
  * Jottacloud
    - Remove clientSecret from config when upgrading to token based authentication (buengese)
    - Avoid double url escaping of device/mountpoint (albertony)
    - Remove DirMove workaround as it's not required anymore - also (buengese)
  * Mailru
    - Fix uploads after recent changes on server (Ivan Andreev)
    - Fix range requests after june changes on server (Ivan Andreev)
    - Fix invalid timestamp on corrupted files (fixes) (Ivan Andreev)
  * Onedrive
    - Fix disk usage for sharepoint (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * S3
    - Add missing regions for AWS (Anagh Kumar Baranwal)
  * Seafile
    - Fix accessing libraries > 2GB on 32 bit systems (Muffin King)
  * SFTP
    - Always convert the checksum to lower case (buengese)
  * Union
    - Create root directories if none exist (Nick Craig-Wood)

Update to version 1.53.1:

  * Bug Fixes
    - accounting: Remove new line from end of --stats-one-line display
  * VFS
    - Fix spurious error "vfs cache: failed to _ensure cache EOF"
    - Log an ERROR if we fail to set the file to be sparse
  * Local
    - Log an ERROR if we fail to set the file to be sparse
  * Drive
    - Re-adds special oauth help text
  * Opendrive
    - Do not retry 400 errors

Update to version 1.53.0

  * New Features
    - The VFS layer was heavily reworked for this release - see below for more details
    - Interactive mode -i/--interactive for destructive operations (fishbullet)
    - Add --bwlimit-file flag to limit speeds of individual file transfers (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Transfers are sorted by start time in the stats and progress output (Max Sum)
    - Make sure backends expand ~ and environment vars in file names they use (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Add --refresh-times flag to set modtimes on hashless backends (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - rclone check
      + Add reporting of filenames for same/missing/changed (Nick Craig-Wood)
      + Make check command obey --dry-run/-i/--interactive (Nick Craig-Wood)
      + Make check do --checkers files concurrently (Nick Craig-Wood)
      + Retry downloads if they fail when using the --download flag (Nick Craig-Wood)
      + Make it show stats by default (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - rclone config
      + Set RCLONE_CONFIG_DIR for use in config files and subprocesses (Nick Craig-Wood)
      + Reject remote names starting with a dash. (jtagcat)
    - rclone cryptcheck: Add reporting of filenames for same/missing/changed (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - rclone dedupe: Make it obey the --size-only flag for duplicate detection (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - rclone link: Add --expire and --unlink flags (Roman Kredentser)
    - rclone mkdir: Warn when using mkdir on remotes which can't have empty directories (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - rclone rc: Allow JSON parameters to simplify command line usage (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - rclone serve ftp
      + Don't compile on < go1.13 after dependency update (Nick Craig-Wood)
      + Add error message if auth proxy fails (Nick Craig-Wood)
      + Use refactored goftp.io/server library for binary shrink (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - rclone serve restic: Expose interfaces so that rclone can be used as a library from within restic (Jack)
    - rclone sync: Add --track-renames-strategy leaf (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - rclone touch: Add ability to set nanosecond resolution times (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - rclone tree: Remove -i shorthand for --noindent as it conflicts with -i/--interactive (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Bug Fixes
  * Mount
    - rc interface
      + Add call for unmount all (Chaitanya Bankanhal)
      + Make mount/mount remote control take vfsOpt option (Nick Craig-Wood)
      + Add mountOpt to mount/mount (Nick Craig-Wood)
      + Add VFS and Mount options to mount/listmounts (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Catch panics in cgofuse initialization and turn into error messages (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Always supply stat information in Readdir (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Add support for reading unknown length files using direct IO (Windows) (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Fix On Windows don't add -o uid/gid=-1 if user supplies -o uid/gid. (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Fix volume name broken in recent refactor (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * VFS
    - Implement partial reads for --vfs-cache-mode full (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Add --vfs-writeback option to delay writes back to cloud storage (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Add --vfs-read-ahead parameter for use with --vfs-cache-mode full (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Restart pending uploads on restart of the cache (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Support synchronous cache space recovery upon ENOSPC (Leo Luan)
    - Allow ReadAt and WriteAt to run concurrently with themselves (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Change modtime of file before upload to current (Rob Calistri)
    - Recommend --vfs-cache-modes writes on backends which can't stream (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Add an optional fs parameter to vfs rc methods (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Fix errors when using > 260 char files in the cache in Windows (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Fix renaming of items while they are being uploaded (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Fix very high load caused by slow directory listings (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Fix renamed files not being uploaded with --vfs-cache-mode minimal (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Fix directory locking caused by slow directory listings (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Fix saving from chrome without --vfs-cache-mode writes (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Crypt
    Add --crypt-server-side-across-configs flag (Nick Craig-Wood)
    Make any created backends be cached to fix rc problems (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Azure Blob
    Don't compile on < go1.13 after dependency update (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * B2
    Implement server side copy for files > 5GB (Nick Craig-Wood)
    Cancel in progress multipart uploads and copies on rclone exit (Nick Craig-Wood)
    Note that b2's encoding now allows \ but rclone's hasn't changed (Nick Craig-Wood)
    Fix transfers when using download_url (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Box
    - Implement rclone cleanup (buengese)
    - Cancel in progress multipart uploads and copies on rclone exit (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Allow authentication with access token (David)
  * Chunker
    - Make any created backends be cached to fix rc problems (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Drive
    - Add rclone backend drives to list shared drives (teamdrives) (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Implement rclone backend untrash (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Work around drive bug which didn't set modtime of copied docs (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Added --drive-starred-only to only show starred files (Jay McEntire)
    - Deprecate --drive-alternate-export as it is no longer needed (themylogin)
    - Fix duplication of Google docs on server side copy (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Fix "panic: send on closed channel" when recycling dir entries (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Dropbox
    - Add copyright detector info in limitations section in the docs (Alex Guerrero)
    - Fix rclone link by removing expires parameter (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Fichier
    - Detect Flood detected: IP Locked error and sleep for 30s (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * FTP
    - Add explicit TLS support (Heiko Bornholdt)
    - Add support for --dump bodies and --dump auth for debugging (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Fix interoperation with pure-ftpd (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Google Cloud Storage
    - Add support for anonymous access (Kai Lüke)
  * Jottacloud
    - Bring back legacy authentification for use with whitelabel versions (buengese)
    - Switch to new api root - also implement a very ugly workaround for the DirMove failures (buengese)
  * Onedrive
    - Rework cancel of multipart uploads on rclone exit (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Implement rclone cleanup (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Add --onedrive-no-versions flag to remove old versions (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Pcloud
    - Implement rclone link for public link creation (buengese)
  * Qingstor
    - Cancel in progress multipart uploads on rclone exit (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * S3
    - Preserve metadata when doing multipart copy (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Cancel in progress multipart uploads and copies on rclone exit (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Add rclone link for public link sharing (Roman Kredentser)
    - Add rclone backend restore command to restore objects from GLACIER (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Add rclone cleanup and rclone backend cleanup to clean unfinished multipart uploads (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Add rclone backend list-multipart-uploads to list unfinished multipart uploads (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Add --s3-max-upload-parts support (Kamil Trzciński)
    - Add --s3-no-check-bucket for minimising rclone transactions and perms (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Add --s3-profile and --s3-shared-credentials-file options (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Use regional s3 us-east-1 endpoint (David)
    - Add Scaleway provider (Vincent Feltz)
    - Update IBM COS endpoints (Egor Margineanu)
    - Reduce the default --s3-copy-cutoff to < 5GB for Backblaze S3 compatibility (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Fix detection of bucket existing (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * SFTP
    - Use the absolute path instead of the relative path for listing for improved compatibility (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Add --sftp-subsystem and --sftp-server-command options (aus)
 * Swift
    - Fix dangling large objects breaking the listing (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Fix purge not deleting directory markers (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Fix update multipart object removing all of its own parts (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Fix missing hash from object returned from upload (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Tardigrade
    - Upgrade to uplink v1.2.0 (Kaloyan Raev)
  * Union
    - Fix writing with the all policy (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * WebDAV
    - Fix directory creation with 4shared (Nick Craig-Wood)

- Update to version 1.52.3
  * Bug Fixes
    - docs
      + Disable smart typography (eg en-dash) in MANUAL.* and man page (Nick Craig-Wood)
      + Update install.md to reflect minimum Go version (Evan Harris)
      + Update install from source instructions (Nick Craig-Wood)
      + make_manual: Support SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH (Morten Linderud)
    - log: Fix --use-json-log going to stderr not --log-file on Windows (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - serve dlna: Fix file list on Samsung Series 6+ TVs (Matteo Pietro Dazzi)
    - sync: Fix deadlock with --track-renames-strategy modtime (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Cache
    - Fix moveto/copyto remote:file remote:file2 (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Drive
    - Stop using root_folder_id as a cache (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Make dangling shortcuts appear in listings (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Drop "Disabling ListR" messages down to debug (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Workaround and policy for Google Drive API (Dmitry Ustalov)
  * FTP
    - Add note to docs about home vs root directory selection (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Onedrive
    - Fix reverting to Copy when Move would have worked (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Avoid comma rendered in URL in onedrive.md (Kevin)
  * Pcloud
    - Fix oauth on European region "eapi.pcloud.com" (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * S3
    - Fix bucket Region auto detection when Region unset in config (Nick Craig-Wood)

- Update to version 1.52.2
  * Bug Fixes
    - build
      + Fix docker release build action (Nick Craig-Wood)
      + Fix custom timezone in Docker image (NoLooseEnds)
    - check: Fix misleading message which printed errors instead of differences (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - errors: Add WSAECONNREFUSED and more to the list of retriable Windows errors (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - rcd: Fix incorrect prometheus metrics (Gary Kim)
    - serve restic: Fix flags so they use environment variables (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - serve webdav: Fix flags so they use environment variables (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - sync: Fix --track-renames-strategy modtime (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Drive
    - Fix not being able to delete a directory with a trashed shortcut (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Fix creating a directory inside a shortcut (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Fix --drive-impersonate with cached root_folder_id (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * SFTP
    - Fix SSH key PEM loading (Zac Rubin)
  * Swift
    - Speed up deletes by not retrying segment container deletes (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Tardigrade
    - Upgrade to uplink v1.1.1 (Caleb Case)
  * WebDAV
    - Fix free/used display for rclone about/df for certain backends (Nick Craig-Wood)

- Update to version 1.52.1
  * VFS
    - Fix OS vs Unix path confusion - fixes ChangeNotify on Windows (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Drive
    - Fix missing items when listing using --fast-list / ListR (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Putio
    - Fix panic on Object.Open (Cenk Alti)
  * S3
    - Fix upload of single files into buckets without create permission (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Fix --header-upload (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Tardigrade
    - Fix listing bug by upgrading to v1.0.7
    - Set UserAgent to rclone (Caleb Case)

- Update to version 1.52.0
  * New backends
    - Tardigrade backend for use with storj.io (Caleb Case)
    - Union re-write to have multiple writable remotes (Max Sum)
    - Seafile for Seafile server (Fred @creativeprojects)
  * New commands
    - backend: command for backend specific commands (see backends) (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - cachestats: Deprecate in favour of rclone backend stats cache: (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - dbhashsum: Deprecate in favour of rclone hashsum DropboxHash (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * New Features
    - Add --header-download and --header-upload flags for setting HTTP headers when uploading/downloading (Tim Gallant)
    - Add --header flag to add HTTP headers to every HTTP transaction (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Add --check-first to do all checking before starting transfers (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Add --track-renames-strategy for configurable matching criteria for --track-renames (Bernd Schoolmann)
    - Add --cutoff-mode hard,soft,catious (Shing Kit Chan & Franklyn Tackitt)
    - Filter flags (eg --files-from -) can read from stdin (fishbullet)
    - Add --error-on-no-transfer option (Jon Fautley)
    - Implement --order-by xxx,mixed for copying some small and some big files (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Allow --max-backlog to be negative meaning as large as possible (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Added --no-unicode-normalization flag to allow Unicode filenames to remain unique (Ben Zenker)
    - Allow --min-age/--max-age to take a date as well as a duration (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Add rename statistics for file and directory renames (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Add statistics output to JSON log (reddi)
    - Make stats be printed on non-zero exit code (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - When running --password-command allow use of stdin (Sébastien Gross)
    - Stop empty strings being a valid remote path (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - accounting: support WriterTo for less memory copying (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - build
        + Update to use go1.14 for the build (Nick Craig-Wood)
        + Add -trimpath to release build for reproduceable builds (Nick Craig-Wood)
        + Remove GOOS and GOARCH from Dockerfile (Brandon Philips)
    - config
        + Fsync the config file after writing to save more reliably (Nick Craig-Wood)
        + Add --obscure and --no-obscure flags to config create/update (Nick Craig-Wood)
        + Make config show take remote: as well as remote (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - copyurl: Add --no-clobber flag (Denis)
    - delete: Added --rmdirs flag to delete directories as well (Kush)
    - filter: Added --files-from-raw flag (Ankur Gupta)
    - genautocomplete: Add support for fish shell (Matan Rosenberg)
    - log: Add support for syslog LOCAL facilities (Patryk Jakuszew)
    - lsjson: Add --hash-type parameter and use it in lsf to speed up hashing (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - rc
        + Add -o/--opt and -a/--arg for more structured input (Nick Craig-Wood)
        + Implement backend/command for running backend specific commands remotely (Nick Craig-Wood)
        + Add mount/mount command for starting rclone mount via the API (Chaitanya)
    - rcd: Add Prometheus metrics support (Gary Kim)
    - serve http
        + Added a --template flag for user defined markup (calistri)
        + Add Last-Modified headers to files and directories (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - serve sftp: Add support for multiple host keys by repeating --key flag (Maxime Suret)
    - touch: Add --localtime flag to make --timestamp localtime not UTC (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Bug Fixes
    - accounting
      + Restore "Max number of stats groups reached" log line (Michał Matczuk)
      + Correct exitcode on Transfer Limit Exceeded flag. (Anuar Serdaliyev)
      + Reset bytes read during copy retry (Ankur Gupta)
      + Fix race clearing stats (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - copy: Only create empty directories when they don't exist on the remote (Ishuah Kariuki)
    - dedupe: Stop dedupe deleting files with identical IDs (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - oauth
      + Use custom http client so that --no-check-certificate is honored by oauth token fetch (Mark Spieth)
      + Replace deprecated oauth2.NoContext (Lars Lehtonen)
    - operations
      + Fix setting the timestamp on Windows for multithread copy (Nick Craig-Wood)
      + Make rcat obey --ignore-checksum (Nick Craig-Wood)
      + Make --max-transfer more accurate (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - rc
      + Fix dropped error (Lars Lehtonen)
      + Fix misplaced http server config (Xiaoxing Ye)
      + Disable duplicate log (ElonH)
    - serve dlna
      + Cds: don't specify childCount at all when unknown (Dan Walters)
      + Cds: use modification time as date in dlna metadata (Dan Walters)
    - serve restic: Fix tests after restic project removed vendoring (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - sync
      + Fix incorrect "nothing to transfer" message using --delete-before (Nick Craig-Wood)
      + Only create empty directories when they don't exist on the remote (Ishuah Kariuki)
  * Mount
    - Add --async-read flag to disable asynchronous reads (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Ignore --allow-root flag with a warning as it has been removed upstream (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Warn if --allow-non-empty used on Windows and clarify docs (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Constrain to go1.13 or above otherwise bazil.org/fuse fails to compile (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Fix fail because of too long volume name (evileye)
    - Report 1PB free for unknown disk sizes (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Map more rclone errors into file systems errors (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Fix disappearing cwd problem (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Use ReaddirPlus on Windows to improve directory listing performance (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Send a hint as to whether the filesystem is case insensitive or not (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Add rc command mount/types (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Change maximum leaf name length to 1024 bytes (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * VFS
    - Add --vfs-read-wait and --vfs-write-wait flags to control time waiting for a sequential read/write (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Change default --vfs-read-wait to 20ms (it was 5ms and not configurable) (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Make df output more consistent on a rclone mount. (Yves G)
    - Report 1PB free for unknown disk sizes (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Fix race condition caused by unlocked reading of Dir.path (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Make File lock and Dir lock not overlap to avoid deadlock (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Implement lock ordering between File and Dir to eliminate deadlocks (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Factor the vfs cache into its own package (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Pin the Fs in use in the Fs cache (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Add SetSys() methods to Node to allow caching stuff on a node (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Ignore file not found errors from Hash in Read.Release (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Fix hang in read wait code (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Local
    - Speed up multi thread downloads by using sparse files on Windows (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Implement --local-no-sparse flag for disabling sparse files (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Implement rclone backend noop for testing purposes (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Fix "file not found" errors on post transfer Hash calculation (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Cache
    - Implement rclone backend stats command (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Fix Server Side Copy with Temp Upload (Brandon McNama)
    - Remove Unused Functions (Lars Lehtonen)
    - Disable race tests until bbolt is fixed (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Move methods used for testing into test file (greatroar)
    - Add Pin and Unpin and canonicalised lookup (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Use proper import path go.etcd.io/bbolt (Robert-André Mauchin)
  * Crypt
    - Calculate hashes for uploads from local disk (Nick Craig-Wood)
      + This allows crypted Jottacloud uploads without using local disk
      + This means crypted s3/b2 uploads will now have hashes
    - Added rclone backend decode/encode commands to replicate functionality of cryptdecode (Anagh Kumar Baranwal)
    - Get rid of the unused Cipher interface as it obfuscated the code (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Azure Blob
    - Implement streaming of unknown sized files so rcat is now supported (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Implement memory pooling to control memory use (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Add --azureblob-disable-checksum flag (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Retry InvalidBlobOrBlock error as it may indicate block concurrency problems (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Remove unused Object.parseTimeString() (Lars Lehtonen)
    - Fix permission error on SAS URL limited to container (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * B2
    - Add support for --header-upload and --header-download (Tim Gallant)
    - Ignore directory markers at the root also (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Force the case of the SHA1 to lowercase (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Remove unused largeUpload.clearUploadURL() (Lars Lehtonen)
  * Box
    - Add support for --header-upload and --header-download (Tim Gallant)
    - Implement About to read size used (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Add token renew function for jwt auth (David Bramwell)
    - Added support for interchangeable root folder for Box backend (Sunil Patra)
    - Remove unnecessary iat from jws claims (David)
  * Drive
    - Follow shortcuts by default, skip with --drive-skip-shortcuts (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Implement rclone backend shortcut command for creating shortcuts (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Added rclone backend command to change service_account_file and chunk_size (Anagh Kumar Baranwal)
    - Fix missing files when using --fast-list and --drive-shared-with-me (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Fix duplicate items when using --drive-shared-with-me (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Extend --drive-stop-on-upload-limit to respond to teamDriveFileLimitExceeded. (harry)
    - Don't delete files with multiple parents to avoid data loss (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Server side copy docs use default description if empty (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Dropbox
    - Make error insufficient space to be fatal (harry)
    - Add info about required redirect url (Elan Ruusamäe)
  * Fichier
    - Add support for --header-upload and --header-download (Tim Gallant)
    - Implement custom pacer to deal with the new rate limiting (buengese)
  * FTP
    - Fix lockup when using concurrency limit on failed connections (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Fix lockup on failed upload when using concurrency limit (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Fix lockup on Close failures when using concurrency limit (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Work around pureftp sending spurious 150 messages (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Google Cloud Storage
    - Add support for --header-upload and --header-download (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Add ARCHIVE storage class to help (Adam Stroud)
    - Ignore directory markers at the root (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Googlephotos
    - Make the start year configurable (Daven)
    - Add support for --header-upload and --header-download (Tim Gallant)
    - Create feature/favorites directory (Brandon Philips)
    - Fix "concurrent map write" error (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Don't put an image in error message (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * HTTP
    - Improved directory listing with new template from Caddy project (calisro)
  * Jottacloud
    - Implement --jottacloud-trashed-only (buengese)
    - Add support for --header-upload and --header-download (Tim Gallant)
    - Use RawURLEncoding when decoding base64 encoded login token (buengese)
    - Implement cleanup (buengese)
    - Update docs regarding cleanup, removed remains from old auth, and added warning about special mountpoints. (albertony)
  * Mailru
    - Describe 2FA requirements (valery1707)
  * Onedrive
    - Implement --onedrive-server-side-across-configs (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Add support for --header-upload and --header-download (Tim Gallant)
    - Fix occasional 416 errors on multipart uploads (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Added maximum chunk size limit warning in the docs (Harry)
    - Fix missing drive on config (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Make error quotaLimitReached to be fatal (harry)
  * Opendrive
    - Add support for --header-upload and --header-download (Tim Gallant)
  * Pcloud
    - Added support for interchangeable root folder for pCloud backend (Sunil Patra)
    - Add support for --header-upload and --header-download (Tim Gallant)
    - Fix initial config "Auth state doesn't match" message (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Premiumizeme
    - Add support for --header-upload and --header-download (Tim Gallant)
    - Prune unused functions (Lars Lehtonen)
  * Putio
    - Add support for --header-upload and --header-download (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Make downloading files use the rclone http Client (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Fix parsing of remotes with leading and trailing / (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Qingstor
    - Make rclone cleanup remove pending multipart uploads older than 24h (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Try harder to cancel failed multipart uploads (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Prune multiUploader.list() (Lars Lehtonen)
    - Lint fix (Lars Lehtonen)
  * S3
    - Add support for --header-upload and --header-download (Tim Gallant)
    - Use memory pool for buffer allocations (Maciej Zimnoch)
    - Add SSE-C support for AWS, Ceph, and MinIO (Jack Anderson)
    - Fail fast multipart upload (Michał Matczuk)
    - Report errors on bucket creation (mkdir) correctly (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Specify that Minio supports URL encoding in listings (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Added 500 as retryErrorCode (Michał Matczuk)
    - Use --low-level-retries as the number of SDK retries (Aleksandar Janković)
    - Fix multipart abort context (Aleksandar Jankovic)
    - Replace deprecated session.New() with session.NewSession() (Lars Lehtonen)
    - Use the provided size parameter when allocating a new memory pool (Joachim Brandon LeBlanc)
    - Use rclone's low level retries instead of AWS SDK to fix listing retries (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Ignore directory markers at the root also (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Use single memory pool (Michał Matczuk)
    - Do not resize buf on put to memBuf (Michał Matczuk)
    - Improve docs for --s3-disable-checksum (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Don't leak memory or tokens in edge cases for multipart upload (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Seafile
    - Implement 2FA (Fred)
  * SFTP
    - Added --sftp-pem-key to support inline key files (calisro)
    - Fix post transfer copies failing with 0 size when using set_modtime=false (Nick Craig-Wood)
  * Sharefile
    - Add support for --header-upload and --header-download (Tim Gallant)
  * Sugarsync
    - Add support for --header-upload and --header-download (Tim Gallant)
  * Swift
    - Add support for --header-upload and --header-download (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Fix cosmetic issue in error message (Martin Michlmayr)
  * Union
    - Implement multiple writable remotes (Max Sum)
    - Fix server-side copy (Max Sum)
    - Implement ListR (Max Sum)
    - Enable ListR when upstreams contain local (Max Sum)
  * WebDAV
    - Add support for --header-upload and --header-download (Tim Gallant)
    - Fix X-OC-Mtime header for Transip compatibility (Nick Craig-Wood)
    - Report full and consistent usage with about (Yves G)
  * Yandex
    - Add support for --header-upload and --header-download (Tim Gallant)

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