Update Info


Recommended update for lxd

Type: recommended
Severity: low
Issued: 2021-12-30
lxd was updated to fix the following issues:

- Update to LXD 4.21. The full upstream changelog is available from:

  + Cluster member groups
  * Reworked cloud-init support
  + Trust certificate self-renewal
  + Restricted disk passthrough in projects
  + Restricted idmap uid/gid in projects
  + List all lxc commands with --sub-commands
  + List instances across all projects with --all-projects
  + New database-leader cluster role
  * Consistent units for byte sizes.
  * Routed networking in virtual machines
  + Support for ipv4.routes and ipv6.routes on routed type NICs
  + Option to skip records for NAT-ed addresses in network zones
  + Allow blocking an IP address family with security filtering options
  + New ceph.rbd.du storage config option to disable potentially slow rbd du
  * Optimized moving of instances and volumes between projects
  * Support for copying/moving custom volumes between cluster members



  • lxd-4.21-bp153.3.12.1