Update Info


Security update for chromium

Type: security
Severity: important
Issued: 2021-12-13
This update for chromium fixes the following issues:

- Ensure newer libs and LLVM is used on Leap (boo#1192310)
- Explicitly BuildRequire python3-six. 

Chromium 96.0.4664.93 (boo#1193519):

* CVE-2021-4052: Use after free in web apps
* CVE-2021-4053: Use after free in UI
* CVE-2021-4079: Out of bounds write in WebRTC
* CVE-2021-4054: Incorrect security UI in autofill
* CVE-2021-4078: Type confusion in V8
* CVE-2021-4055: Heap buffer overflow in extensions
* CVE-2021-4056: Type Confusion in loader
* CVE-2021-4057: Use after free in file API
* CVE-2021-4058: Heap buffer overflow in ANGLE
* CVE-2021-4059: Insufficient data validation in loader
* CVE-2021-4061: Type Confusion in V8
* CVE-2021-4062: Heap buffer overflow in BFCache
* CVE-2021-4063: Use after free in developer tools
* CVE-2021-4064: Use after free in screen capture
* CVE-2021-4065: Use after free in autofill
* CVE-2021-4066: Integer underflow in ANGLE
* CVE-2021-4067: Use after free in window manager
* CVE-2021-4068: Insufficient validation of untrusted input in new tab page

Chromium 96.0.4664.45 (boo#1192734):

* CVE-2021-38007: Type Confusion in V8
* CVE-2021-38008: Use after free in media
* CVE-2021-38009: Inappropriate implementation in cache
* CVE-2021-38006: Use after free in storage foundation
* CVE-2021-38005: Use after free in loader
* CVE-2021-38010: Inappropriate implementation in service workers
* CVE-2021-38011: Use after free in storage foundation
* CVE-2021-38012: Type Confusion in V8
* CVE-2021-38013: Heap buffer overflow in fingerprint recognition
* CVE-2021-38014: Out of bounds write in Swiftshader
* CVE-2021-38015: Inappropriate implementation in input
* CVE-2021-38016: Insufficient policy enforcement in background fetch
* CVE-2021-38017: Insufficient policy enforcement in iframe sandbox
* CVE-2021-38018: Inappropriate implementation in navigation
* CVE-2021-38019: Insufficient policy enforcement in CORS
* CVE-2021-38020: Insufficient policy enforcement in contacts picker
* CVE-2021-38021: Inappropriate implementation in referrer
* CVE-2021-38022: Inappropriate implementation in WebAuthentication

Lord of the Browsers: The Two Compilers:

* Go back to GCC
Lord of the Browsers: The Two Compilers:

* Go back to GCC
* GCC: LTO removes needed assembly symbols
* Clang: issues with libstdc++

* GCC: LTO removes needed assembly symbols
* Clang: issues with libstdc++



  • chromium-96.0.4664.93-bp153.2.45.2