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Recommended update on gpsd

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2021-12-07

gpsd was updated to 3.23.1.

Update to version 3.23.1

* Improve ubx cycle detection.
* Add quirks for Jackson Labs nonstandard NMEA
* Change STATUS_NO_FIX to STATUS_UNK to avoid confusion with fix
* Change STATUS_FIX to STATUS_GPS to avoid confusion with fix
* Change STATUS_DGPS_FIX to STATUS_DGPS to avoid confusion with
  fix mode.
* Split SOURCE_ACM from SOURCE_USB.  ACM has no speeds.
* Add speeds 1 mbps, 1.152 mbps, 1.5 mbps, and higher.  When libc
  supports them.
* Improve autobaud.
* Add new u-blox M10 messages.
* Fix u-blox M6, M7 initialization issues.
* Various ubxtool and gpxlogger updates.
* Add mtk3301_speed_switcher()
* No API, ABI changes.
* Fallback to "python3" if "python" not found.

Update to version 3.23

* doc/*xml all moved into www/internals.adoc
* Convert all DocBook (.xml) to AsciiDoctor (.adoc)
* Remove all XSL remnants.
* gpsplot: speedup, add new options.
* driver_ubx.c: Add decode for UBX-NAV-STATUS
* gps/ubx.py: Improve decode for UBX-NAV-STATUS
* cgps: Add popup help, interactive options.
* Reorganize and split the man pages.
* Small updates for u-blox M8 and M10
* Deprecated mtk3331 and ashtech build options.  Use nmea0183 instead.
* gpssnmp: Move from contrib/ to clients, add manpage
* Add www/gpsd-client-example-code.adoc
* Add gpsdebuginfo script and man page.
* ubxtool: Add BeiDou, Galileo, GLONASS, QZSS, and partial SBAS subframe decodes
* Max serial port speed raised to 921,600.
* SUBFRAME JSON now includes new fields to support multiple constellations.
* gpsd: Add some ADR and UDR message partial decodes.
* ubxtool: Add some ADR and UDR message polls and decodes.
* Remove COMPASS_ENABLE.  Always compile attitude code.
* contrib/webgps.py: use argparse, arguments -V, --version, --no-html-head.
* Add readonly flag to DEVICE JSON.
* Control messages to gpsd now return JSON, instead of, sometimes, OK or ERROR.
* gpsfake uses "# Date: yyyy-mm-dd" to set initial time.
* Don't compute wrong GPS rollover after 2021-10-23.
* Bump libgps to version 29.

Update to version 3.22

* Added client/gpscsv to convert gpsd JSON to csv.
* Added client/gpsplot to dynamically plot gpsd JSON.
* Added client/gpssubframe to decode gpsd SUBFRAME JSON.
* Added nSat and uSat to SKY JSON.  Old clients can not read new SKY.
* Move stuff from source root into clients/, include/, gpsmon/ and libgps/.
* Move stuff from source root into gpsd/.
* Move class ubx out of ubxtool and into gps/ubx.py.
* Build all targets in gpsd-$VERSION/, not in tree.
* NMEA 4.11 support for $GI (IRNSS) and $GZ (QZSS).

Update to version 3.21

* Create python programs from .in files to allow macro substitution.
* Finally clean .sconsign*.dblite with "scons -c"
* Remove revision.h.  Move REVISION into gpsd_config.h
* Change asciidoc to asciidoctor, and revise documents to match.
* library version bumped to 27
* Add leap_seconds to gps_data_t
* Add/change many rtcm2 structs in gps.h
* Add/change many rtcm3 structs in gps.h
* Maindenhead now 8 chars.
* Add icondir and sharedir install options
* Install basic doc in sharedir
* Move gps_data_t->status to gps_fix_t.status for better fix merging
* The gps python module is now Pure Python + FFI.  FFI only for packet.py
* User should manually delete any old packet*so.
* Add wspeedt, wspeedr, wanglem, wanglet, wangler to  gps_fix_t
* Add "-p CONFIG", "-p STATUS", "-t" and "-tt" options to ubxtool.
* Add python_shebang option to scons config.
* gpsrinex has long options and many new options.
* Added long options to gpsd.
* Remove config option reconfigure, replace with -p, --passive runtime option.
* Remove config option controlsend (RECONFIGURE_ENABLE)
* Add config option rundir=XX.  Default set to /run, or /var/run as required.

Update to version 3.20

* Add NED and geoid_sep to gps_fix_t and TPV JSON.
* Add "-e NED" to ubxtool to enable NED messages.
* gpsdata.separation replaced by gpsdata.fix.geoid_sep.
* Remove nofloats build option.
* TPV JSON "alt" is now fixed at WGS84.  Probably.
* xgps now uses XGPSOPTS environment variable.
* add health variable to satellite_t
* change satellite_t elevation and azimuth to double
* satellite_t elevation, azimuth, and ss use NAN for unknown value.
* add altMSL, altHAE, and depth, to gps_fix_t
* altitude in gps_fix_t is deprecated and undefined
* wgs84_separation() now return EGM2008 computed from 5x5 degree base data.
* The best results are close to cm, the worst off up to 12m.
* Move mag_var from gps_device_t to magnetic_var gps_data_t.
* Added mag_var() to interpolate magnetic variation (deviation) from a table.
* Remove true2magnetic() as mag_var() improves on it.
* Remove TIMEHINT_ENABLE.  It only worked when enabled.
* Remove NTP_ENABLE and NTPSHM_ENABLE.  It only worked when enabled.
* Add dgps_age and dgps_station to gps_fix_t
* Convert all timestamp_t to timespec_t.
* Remove FIXED_PORT_SPEED and FIXED_STOP_BITS build options.
* Add -s [speed] and -f [framing] runtime options to gpsd.
* A working CC and termios.h are mandatory.
* use the current leap second to determine the current GPS epoch.
* leapfetch.py, leapseconds.cache, timebase.h and leapfetch option gone.

Update to version 3.19

* Rearrange rawdata_t.  Bump the API because gps_data_t changed.
* Report sequence-ID fields in type 7 and 13 AIS messages.
* Preliminary support for SiRFstar V
* Improve error modeling.
* Update pseudo NMEA to v3.0, with fractional time.
* Improve cycle detection, mostly for NMEA.
* Move epe from gps_data_t to be near its friends in gps_fix_t.
* Preliminary u-blox 9 support.
* Add qErr in gps_data_t to store PPS quantization error.
* Add Android (AOSP) support
* Improved multi gnss and multi signal support.
* NMEA 4.10 multi gnss multi signal support.
* The arguments to "ubxtool -p P" have been expanded and changed.
* New options, -g, -x, -z, added to ubxtool for u-blox 9 support.

Update to version 3.18.1

* Fix some installation issues.
* A few minor updates to ubxtool and driver_ubx.
* Add contrib/skyview2svg

Update to version 3.18.0

* Add ECEF support to ievermore, italk,Skytraq, SiRF, U-blox drivers.
* Add ECEF support to JSON, cgps and xgps.
* Add GREIS (Javad) driver from Virgin Orbit.
* Add CLI tools zerk and ubxtool to manage JAVAD and u-blox GPS.
* Add gnssid:svid to satellite_t, cgps and xgps.  PRN will die.
* Add gnssid:svid to JSON, cgps and xgps.
* Add stricter version checking (more to todo).
* More and better regression tests.
* Better Python dependency checking, at build time and runtime.
* Fix several buffer issues.
* New polar plots, and improved statistice, in gpsprof.
* gpsd master/slave mode works, first time ever.
* All isnan() changed to !isfinite(), fixing many bugs.
* Client-side Python libraries may automatically reconnect
* Too many other bug fixes and improvements to mention.
* Over 1,000 commits from 46 different commiters.



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  • gpsd-3.23.1-bp152.4.3.1