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Recommended update for strawberry

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2021-11-22
This update for strawberry fixes the following issues:

Update to version 1.0.0

+ Bugfixes:
+ Fix updating temporary metadata when reloading songs outside of the collection.
+ Don't strip off "Live" from song title when sending scrobbles.
+ Fix incorrect use of QFutureWatcher.
+ Fix compile of Utilities::Hmac with Qt 6.2.
+ Fix a memory leak when using right click context menu in internet search.
+ Fix a gstreamer bus leak when adding streams and remote playlists.
+ Fix "Source ID x was not found when attempting to remove it" error.
+ Escape ampersands in playlist tabs.
+ Fix analyzer with S24_32LE audio format.
+ Enhancements:
+ Add replaygain fallback gain setting.
+ Add option to turn off playlist alternating row colors.
+ Make the default tabbbar background color lighter.
+ Remove use of deprecated WinExtras Qt module.
+ Add CMake test for Qt sqlite support.
+ Automatically detect Qt version if BUILD_WITH_QT5 or BUILD_WITH_QT6 is not specified.
+ Correct playlist tabbar favorite tooltip from "click" to "double-click".
+ Remove scroll over icon to change track option since it does not work reliable.
+ Improve resume playback on startup.
+ Re-request stream URL for Tidal and QObuz when resuming playback after pausing for more than 30 seconds.
+ Add Finnish, Ukrainian, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Catalan and Portuguese (Brazil).
+ Add support for TagParser (https://github.com/Martchus/tagparser) as an alternative to TagLib.
+ Add Subsonic option to turn off HTTP/2.
+ Fix minor Clang-Tidy and Clazy warnings.
+ Use higher resolution images from last.fm API.
+ Add MD5 token authentication for Subsonic.
+ Use 500 albums per request when receiving albums from Subsonic.
+ Use QX11Application with Qt >= 6.2 for X11 global shortcuts.
+ Allow fading when a ALSA PCM device is selected.
+ Store Tidal MPEG-DASH file in data uri.
+ Use XSPF image elements as manually set artwork.
+ Make error dialog larger.
+ Show error dialog for failed SQL queries.
+ Show error dialog when failing to read or write album covers.
+ Add module music formats (mod, s3m, xm, it) to detected filetypes.
+ Disable gapless playback for module music formats to workaround gstreamer bug.
+ Update directory ID and song path immediately when organizing collection songs.
+ Add right click option to star a playlist in playlist tabs.
+ Use seconds instead of minutes for scrobble submit delay.
+ New features:
+ Add ALSA PCM devices.
+ Add song fingerprinting and tracking.
+ Add support for native global shortcuts on MATE.
+ Add radios view with channels from Radio Paradise and SomaFM.



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  • strawberry-1.0.0-bp153.2.3.3