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Recommended update for fwts

Type: recommended
Severity: low
Issued: 2021-10-31
This update for fwts fixes the following issue:

Update to version 21.09.00:

* snapcraft: Fix incorrect core20 library path
* snapcraft: fix path to fwts
* lib: fwts_version.h - update to V21.09.00
* debian: update changelog
* acpi: replace fwts_firmware_detect() by fw->firmware_type
* lib: fwts_firmware: fix incorrect comments for fwts_firmware_detect
* uefi: uefirtmisc: reduce scope of some variables
* uefi: securebootcert: make some function arguments const
* src/pci/smccc: reduce scope of variable ret
* bios: smm: remove redundant variable n
* acpi: iort: constify some function arguments
* acpi: dmar: constify a pointer argument in acpi_parse_dev_scope
* acpi: cstates: remove redundant null check on entry
* smccc_test: fix missing ) in pr_info call
* opal: clean up some coding style issues
* opal: Fix a few memory leaks on asprint allocated buffers
* acpi: s3power: clean up pedantic static analysis warnings
* uefirtvariable: clean up pedantic static analysis warnings
* opal: mem_info: clean up pedantic static analysis warnings
* fwts_devicetree: clean up static analysis warning
* fwts_acpi_tables: NULLify table pointers
* snapcraft: update to use core20
* lib: use <poll.h> rather than <sys/poll.h>

Update to version 21.08.00:

* Manual: update number of tests, date and remove double spaces
* debian/control: Add device-tree-compiler as dependency for armel/armhf/arm64
* fwts_firmware: Rework Devicetree firmware detection
* Enable dt_sysinfo test for Power only



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  • fwts-21.09.00-bp153.2.9.1