Update Info


Recommended update for singularity

Type: recommended
Severity: low
Issued: 2021-10-29

singularity was updated to fix the following issues:

-  added example definitions for SLE12-SP5 and SLE15-SP3
   * added files:

- Utilize sysuser infrastructure to set group singularity.

Updated to version 3.8.3 which fixes regression introduced in 3.8.1 that
caused bind mounts without a destination to be added twice.

Update to version 3.8.2

New features:

* A new overlay command allows creation and addition of writable overlays.
* Administrators can allow named users/groups to use specific CNI network
  configurations. Managed by directives in singularity.conf.
* The build command now honors --nv, --rocm, and --bind flags, permitting
  builds that require GPU access or files bound in from the host.
* A library service hostname can be specified as the first component of a
  library:// URL.

Bug fixes:
* Respect http proxy server environment variables in key operations.
* When pushing SIF images to oras:// endpoints, work around Harbor & GitLab
  failure to accept the SifConfigMediaType.
* Avoid a setfsuid compilation warning on some gcc versions.
 Fix a crash when silent/quiet log levels used on pulls from shub:// and
  http(s):// URIs.



  • singularity-3.8.3-bp153.2.6.1