Update Info


Recommended update for ipxe

Type: recommended
Severity: low
Issued: 2021-10-20
This update for ipxe fixes the following issues:

- Backport a set of fixes and features that had been added to this version
  of iPXE in oS:Factory.

Make sure correct cross-gcc version is picked:

* For Leap15/SLE15: gcc7
* For oS Factory and TW: gcc8

- This allows to boot an arm box from an x86_64 system.
- Fixes aarch64 build error with inline assembly output modifier

- Add snp-i386.efi and snp-x86_64.efi to package for using EFI's
  network drivers (e.g. used by warewulf)



  • ipxe-1.0.0+git20180203.546dd51d-bp153.2.3.1