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Recommended update for fwts

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2021-01-22
This update for fwts fixes the following issues:

Add patch fixing boo#1178442 boo#1177992

Update to version 20.12.00:

Update to version 19.09.00:

* acpi/boot: skip ACPI BOOT test on UEFI systems.
* acpi: s3: fix typo from 6b94bb6a4b13e
* opal: add more bounds checking and zero pstates array
* fwtstest: boot-0001: sync with boot table check on efi firmware

Changes for version 19.08.00:

* ACPICA: Update to version 20190816
* auto-packager: mkpackage.sh: remove cosmic
* efi_runtime: enable KBUILD_MODPOST_WARN=y to workaround build failures
* ACPICA: Update to version 20190816
* fwtstest: syntaxcheck-0001: update to keep in sync with ACPICA features
* README: Add package dependency notes for ARM64

Update to version 19.07.00:

* cpu/msr: add 3 more CPU IDs for IA32_silvermont_MSRs
* cpu/msr: check SGX & LMCE in IA32_FEATURE_CONTROL (3ah)
* cpu/msr: move TSC_ADJUST (3bh) to IA32_MSRs
* cpu/msr: add SMM_MONITOR_CTL (9bh) to IA32_MSRs
* cpu/msr: add MC*_CTL2 MSR registers
* cpu/msr: add VMX_VMFUNC MSR register
* cpu/msr: add MISC_ENABLE MSR to IA32_atom_MSRs
* cpu/msr: add MSR_PMG_IO_CAPTURE_BASE to IA32_silvermont_MSRs
* cpu/msr: add MSR_FEATURE_CONFIG to IA32_silvermont_MSRs
* cpu/msr: add MSR_TEMPERATURE_TARGET to IA32_silvermont_MSRs
* cpu/msr: add MSR_BBL_CR_CTL3 to IA32_silvermont_MSRs
* ACPICA: Update to version 20190703

Update to version 19.06.00:

* acpi/fadt: update latest FADT revision to 6.3
* uefitime: add checking the EFI_UNSUPPORTED return code
* uefirtvariable: add checking the EFI_UNSUPPORTED return code
* uefirtmisc: add checking the EFI_UNSUPPORTED return code

Update to version 19.05.00:

* ACPICA: Update to version 20190509
* Add support for Hygon Dhyana CPU
* dmicheck: update supported SMBIOS version
* acpi/method: check full and battery power if acpi_video0 exists
* dmicheck: checks type length vs. SMBIOS versions
* dmicheck: add Type 1's Field 25 & 26 as used by kernel
* apic: apicedge: fix typo in error messages
* cpufreq: change from abort to skip when cpufreq cannot run
* kernel:version: change ACPI version to ACPICA version
* pci:crs: fix an indentation error
* acpi: s3: check sleep type for output messages
* snapcraft: update to core18
* acpica: re-work fwts / iasl interface to work with latest ACPICA
* fwts-test: refresh syntaxcheck test output
* fwts-test/syntaxcheck: refresh syntaxcheck test output
* fwts_acpica: don't add in RSDP or null table entries to XSDT or RSDT (LP: #1829167)
- Changes for version 19.03.00:
* acpi: madt: Add support for ACPI 6.3
* lib: fwts_acpi_tables: add a new function to check reserved values
* lib: fwts_acpi_tables: rename fwts_acpi_subtable_length_check
* srat: replace structure length checks by fwts_acpi_structure_length_check
* acpi: refactor all table length checks to fwts_acpi_table_length_check
* README: update installing fwts by "sudo make install"
* acpi/fadt: reject 5.0 tables with ARM specific attributes set
* acpi/iort: permit SMMU model values of 4 and 5
* acpi/iort: fix error in SMMU node length check
* ACPICA: fix IASL building issues with gcc-9 and --as-needed linker option

Update to version 19.02.00:

* klog.json: add an "IOAPIC .. not in IVRS" message
* utilities: kernelscan: add AMD iommu for IVRS errors
* acpi/method: check levels on full power and battery power
* acpi: add address space types according to mantis 1965 (ACPI 6.2b)
* acpi/pptt: check flags by revision (mantis 1870 for ACPI 6.2b)
* acpi: pdtt: update flags defintion according to mantis 1867 (ACPI 6.3)
* acpi/nfit: update memory mapping attributes (mantis 1873 for ACPI 6.3)
* acpi/hmat: update for hmat revision 2 (mantis 1914 for ACPI 6.3)
* acpi/madt: remove two reserved bytes (mantis 1934 for ACPI 6.3)
* acpi/madt: update for Local APIC Flags (mantis 1948 for ACPI 6.3)
* acpi/hmat: update System Locality Latency (mantis 1959 for ACPI 6.3)
* acpi/method: add tests for NVDIMM control methods for ACPI 6.3
* acpiinfo: update ACPI and ACPICA versions
* acpi/srat: add test for Generic Initiator (mantis 1904 for ACPI 6.3)
* ACPICA: Update to version 20190215
* acpi: fix a typo in comment
* fwts: fix up a handful of spelling mistakes
* efi_runtime: fix access_ok build issues on 5.0 kernels
* Makefiles: workaround address-of-packed-member warnings with gcc-9
* acpica: utdecode: fix missing comma in array declaration AcpiGbl_GenericNotify

Update to version 19.01.00:

* mtrr: check memory type above 4GB on AMD platforms
* ACPICA: Update to version 20190108
* dmi: dmicheck: remove redundant new lines
* lib: fwts_ac_adapter: fix readdir(ac_power_dir) failing
* lib: fwts_ac_adapter: fix failing to find AC directory
* Update copyright year to 2019
* mtrr: fix incorrect mask on amd_sys_conf
* sbbr: fadt: clean up major/minor version checking
* acpi/madt: clean up indentation issue, remove tab
* lib: fw_pm_method: move the sleep t_start time out of logind_on_signal (LP: #1809096)

Changes for version 18.12.00:

* ACPICA: Update to version 20181213
* mtrr: allow uncached type for PCI prefetchable memory
* lib: disable /dev/mem access on aarch64
* dmicheck: drop unaligned memcpy
* lib: drop fwts_memcpy_unaligned
* dmicheck: use dmi_load_file in preference to fwts_mmap



  • fwts-20.12.00-bp152.4.3.1