Update Info


Recommended update for fwts

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2021-09-18
This update for fwts fixes the following issues:

Update to version 21.08.00:

* lib: fwts_version.h - update to V21.08.00
* debian: update changelog
* ARM64 SMCCC firmware API tests
* bios: smm: fix indentation
* acpi: sbbr: refactor by fwts_get_fadt_version
* lib: fwts_acpi_tables: add a function to get FADT versions
* acpi: fadt: remove hard-coded FADT version
* acpi: fadt: clarify comments of FACS and HW-reduced mode
* acpi: dmar: add a warning when PCI device is not found



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  • fwts-21.08.00-bp153.2.6.1