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Recommended update for orthanc, orthanc-gdcm, orthanc-mysql

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2021-08-13
This update for orthanc, orthanc-gdcm, orthanc-mysql fixes the following issues:

orthanc version 1.9.6:

* In lookup and query/retrieve, possibility to provide a specific study date
* Clicking on "Send to remote modality" displays the job information to monitor progress
* Fix orphaned attachments if bad revision number is provided

version 1.9.5:

* Anonymization is applied recursively to nested tags
* API version upgraded to 14
* Added "Short", "Simplify" and/or "Full" options to control the format of DICOM tags in:
  - POST /modalities/{id}/find-worklist
  - POST /queries/{id}/answers/{index}/retrieve
  - POST /queries/{id}/retrieve
* Fix broken "Do lookup" button in Orthanc Explorer
* Error code and description of jobs are now saved into the Orthanc database

version 1.9.4:

* Orthanc now anonymizes according to Basic Profile of PS 3.15-2021b Table E.1-1
* New configuration options:
  - "ExternalDictionaries" to load external DICOM dictionaries (useful for DICONDE)
  - "SynchronousZipStream" to disable streaming of ZIP
* Orthanc Explorer supports the DICONDE dictionary
* API version upgraded to 13
* New routes to handle groups of multiple, unrelated DICOM resources at once:
  - "/tools/bulk-anonymize" to anonymize a set of resources
  - "/tools/bulk-content" to get the content of a set of resources
  - "/tools/bulk-delete" to delete a set of resources
  - "/tools/bulk-modify" to modify a set of resources
* ZIP archive/media generated in synchronous mode are now streamed by default
* "Replace" tags in "/modify" and "/anonymize" now supports value representation AT
* "/jobs/..." has new field "ErrorDetails" to help identify the cause of an error
* "Replace", "Keep" and "Remove" in "/modify" and "/anonymize" accept paths to subsequences
  using the syntax of the dcmodify command-line tool (wildcards are supported as well)
* Added "short", "simplify" and/or "full" options to control the format of DICOM tags in:
  - GET /patients, GET /studies, GET /series, GET /instances (together with "&expand")
  - GET /patients/{id}, GET /studies/{id}, GET /series/{id}, GET /instances/{id}
  - GET /patients/{id}/studies, GET /patients/{id}/series, GET /patients/{id}/instances
  - GET /studies/{id}/patient, GET /studies/{id}/series, GET /studies/{id}/instances
  - GET /series/{id}/patient, GET /series/{id}/study, GET /series/{id}/instances
  - GET /instances/{id}/patient, GET /instances/{id}/study, GET /instances/{id}/series
  - GET /patients/{id}/instances-tags, GET /patients/{id}/shared-tags
  - GET /studies/{id}/instances-tags, GET /series/{id}/shared-tags
  - GET /series/{id}/instances-tags, GET /studies/{id}/shared-tags
  - GET /patients/{id}/module, GET /patients/{id}/patient-module
  - GET /series/{id}/module, GET /studies/{id}/module, GET /instances/{id}/module
  - POST /tools/find
* "/studies/{id}/split" accepts "Instances" parameter to split instances instead of series
* "/studies/{id}/merge" accepts instances inside its "Resources" parameter
* Full support of hierarchical relationships in tags whose VR is UI during anonymization
* C-MOVE SCP: added possible DIMSE status "Sub-operations Complete - One or more Failures"
* Fix issue #146 (Update Anonyization to 2019c) - was actually updated to 2021b

orthanc-mysql version 4.3:

* Fix issue 200 (fields messed up in /changes route)
* Added missing calls to OrthancPluginDatabaseSignalDeletedResource()
* Fix serialization of large jobs

orthanc-gdcm version 1.4:

* Prevent transcoding of 1bpp DICOM images, as this might crash GDCM
* Prevent changing SOP class UID from "MR Image Storage" to "Enhanced
  MR Image Storage" during the transcoding



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  • orthanc-gdcm-1.4-bp153.2.3.1
  • orthanc-mysql-4.3-bp153.2.3.1
  • orthanc-1.9.6-bp153.2.7.1