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Recommended update for lxd

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2021-08-10
This update for lxd fixes the following issues:

Update to LXD 4.16.

The full upstream changelog is available from:



+ Cluster certificate update
+ Copy/move of custom volumes between projects
+ lxc monitor --pretty now works with all event types
+ Easier revocation of cluster join tokens
+ IP filtering on unmanaged bridges
+ New warnings
+ New lifecycle events

- Build with go1.15 for reproducible build results (boo#1102408)

- Add backport for <https://github.com/lxc/lxd/pull/8908> which fixes a
  Leap-specific kernel backport bug (close_range(2) was backported but not the
  flags that it supported in the first version). boo#1186786

- Build lxd-agent and lxd-p2c statically to match upstream LXD build scripts
  (and to make VMs work properly -- lxd-agent is injected into the VM).

Update to LXD 4.15.

The full upstream changelog is available from:



+ Network interface hotplug in VMs
+ Configurable shutdown timeout
+ New persistent warnings (time skew, apparmor and virtiofsd)
+ Location field in /dev/lxd API
+ New type and name columns in lxc config trust list
+ Cluster members acting as database stand-by now visible
+ lxc monitor --pretty now supported with lifecycle events
+ New --expire flag for lxc publish
+ Requestor now recorded in lifecyle events
+ Proxy header support on main API endpoint
+ Full swagger coverage of REST API

Update to LXD 4.14.

The full upstream changelog is available from:



+ ACL support on managed bridges
+ Cluster member certificates
+ Cluster member description
+ Cluster token based join
+ Server warnings
+ Backup and snapshot project restrictions
+ User keys in device configuration
+ More auto-generated REST-API documentation



  • lxd-4.16-bp153.3.6.1