Update Info


Security update for icinga2

Type: security
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2021-07-24
This update for icinga2 fixes the following issues:

icinga2 was updated to 2.12.5:

  Version 2.12.5 fixes two security vulnerabilities that may lead
  to privilege escalation for authenticated API users.
  Other improvements include several bugfixes related to downtimes,
  downtime notifications, and more reliable connection handling.

  * Security

    - Don't expose the PKI ticket salt via the API. This may lead
      to privilege escalation for authenticated API users by them
      being able to request certificates for other identities

    - Don't expose IdoMysqlConnection, IdoPgsqlConnection, and
      ElasticsearchWriter passwords via the API

    Depending on your setup, manual intervention beyond installing
    the new versions may be required, so please read the more
    detailed information in the release blog post carefully.

  * Bugfixes

    - Don't send downtime end notification if downtime hasn't
      started #8878
    - Don't let a failed downtime creation block the others #8871
    - Support downtimes and comments for checkables with long names
    - Trigger fixed downtimes immediately if the current time
      matches (instead of waiting for the timer) #8891
    - Add configurable timeout for full connection handshake #8872
  * Enhancements
    - Replace existing downtimes on ScheduledDowntime change #8880
    - Improve crashlog #8869




  • icinga2-2.12.5-bp153.2.5.1