Update Info


Security update for icinga2

Type: security
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2021-07-19
This update for icinga2 fixes the following issues:

Update to 2.12.4

  * Bugfixes

    - Fix a crash when notification objects are deleted using the
      API #8782
    - Fix crashes that might occur during downtime scheduling if
      host or downtime objects are deleted using the API #8785
    - Fix an issue where notifications may incorrectly be skipped
      after a downtime ends #8775
    - Don't send reminder notification if the notification is still
      suppressed by a time period #8808
    - Fix an issue where attempting to create a duplicate object
      using the API might result in the original object being
      deleted #8787
    - IDO: prioritize program status updates #8809
    - Improve exceptions handling, including a fix for an uncaught
      exception on Windows #8777
    - Retry file rename operations on Windows to avoid intermittent
      locking issues #8771

  * Enhancements

    - Support Boost 1.74 (Ubuntu 21.04, Fedora 34) #8792

Update to 2.12.3

  * Security

    - Fix that revoked certificates due for renewal will 
      automatically be renewed ignoring the CRL 
      (Advisory / CVE-2020-29663 - fixes boo#1180147 )

  * Bugfixes

    - Improve config sync locking - resolves high load issues on
      Windows #8511
    - Fix runtime config updates being ignored for objects without
      zone #8549
    - Use proper buffer size for OpenSSL error messages #8542
  * Enhancements
    - On checkable recovery: re-check children that have a problem

Update to 2.12.2

  * Bugfixes

    - Fix a connection leak with misconfigured agents #8483
    - Properly sync changes of config objects in global zones done
      via the API #8474 #8470
    - Prevent other clients from being disconnected when replaying
      the cluster log takes very long #8496
    - Avoid duplicate connections between endpoints #8465
    - Ignore incoming config object updates for unknown zones #8461
    - Check timestamps before removing files in config sync #8495

  * Enhancements

    - Include HTTP status codes in log #8467



  • icinga2-2.12.4-bp152.4.6.1