Update Info


Recommended update for mkdud

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2020-07-14
This update for mkdud fixes the following issues:

- ensure DUD repos are removed at the end of the installation
- add --sign-key-id option to allow specifying a gpg signing key by id
- updated troubleshooting section in HOWTO
- adjust spec file to build on SLE-11
- start moving doc to asciidoc; add proper man page
- map Kubic to Tumbleweed
- fix architecture auto-detection for elf binaries and libraries
- Add bash completion
- fix reading oscrc (gh#openSUSE/mkdud#19)
- add HOWTO describing some typical uses
- put 'module.config' files into module directory
- look also at ~/.config/osc/oscrc for osc config



  • mkdud-1.50-bp150.3.3.1