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Recommended update for python-limnoria

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2020-06-18
This update for python-limnoria fixes the following issues:

python-limnoria was updated: to version 2020-05-01:

* Fix extra arguments to irc.reply() being ignored by messages
  returned by '@more' (gh#ProgVal/Limnoria#1405).

Update to version 2020-03-19:

* Update links to the documentation.
* Updated translations.

Update to version 2020-01-31:

+ RSS: If ids are missing, use <link> as id.
+ RSS: Show a meaningful error in case '@rss' is called with a non-URL/… 
+ ChannelStats: Use the safe math evaluator.
+ core/Math: Move the math evaluator to src/utils/.
+ Math: Fix log/log10 return type.
+ Aka, Google, String: fix more DeprecationWarning in tests (#1328)
+ AutoMode, Channel, Nickometer: fix invalid escape sequence Deprecatio…
+ plugins: use r'' strings to fix DeprecationWarning in test cases (#1328)
+ Aka, Debug: cleanup imports
+ Use importlib instead of imp.
+ Replace failUnless/failIf with assertTrue/assertFalse.
+ Socket: Don't add instances twice in cls._instances. 
+ Socket: use a proper lock instead of a boolean.
+ Add subcommand dispatching for CAP/FAIL/WARN/NOTE.
+ Rename doAuthenticate* functions to not conflict with callback names.
+ Make irc.error do nothing is no string is given as argument. 
+ Call super().setValue() before defaultHttpHeaders. 
+ Deduplicate setting Accept-Language HTTP header. 
+ Web: Implement protocols.http.requestLanguage
+ Add supybot.protocols.http.requestLanguage
+ Fix getSpecific usage 
+ Import MutableMapping and MutableSet from collections.abc. 
+ setup.py: migrate shebang to Python 3
+ setup.py: remove obsolete version_info conditionals
+ scripts: remove obsolete conditionals for Python 2
+ scripts: migrate shebangs and version checks to Python 3
+ Be less hostile to users in --allow-root help
+ Readd Limnoria name to default part & quit messages 
+ SedRegex: skip testReDoSTimeout if multiprocessing is disabled
+ SedRegex: update plugin metadata 
+ SedRegex: spawn a single process to handle the whole history.
+ SedRegex: add test for ReDoS timeout
+ SedRegex: abort when a search times out
+ SedRegex: test case normalization of channel names
+ SedRegex: match channel names case insensitively
+ SedRegex: log all errors, always display the not found mesage
+ SedRegex: reuse processTimeout in the sub() process too
+ SedRegex: README: specifically mention that /s is specific to this plugin
+ SedRegex: make the regexp process timeout configurable
+ SedRegex: remove compatibility workaround for Python 2.7.6 and lower
+ SedRegex: skip testBoldReplacement on Python 2
+ SedRegex: remove a duplicate test
+ SedRegex: use self.__class__ instead of __class__ in tests (Python 2 …
+ SedRegex: add a bunch of test cases
+ SedRegex: bump copyright year to 2017
+ SedRegex: fix some replacement queries not working
+ SedRegex: also catch errors in the regexp_wrapper() step
+ SedRegex: log the exact error name instead of "SedRegex error"
+ SedRegex: require ending delimiter to prevent overzealous matching of…
+ SedRegex: work around "nothing to replace" errors on < Python 2.7.6 a…
+ SedRegex: fix flag matching
+ SedRegex: add configuration / usage instructions
+ SedRegex: implement 's' regex flag to only match the caller's message
+ SedRegex: allow free form flags and return them in _unpack_sed()
+ SedRegex: sanitize against \n\r\t in output
+ SedRegex: only operate on messages from the current network
+ SedRegex: work around "nothing to repeat" errors on Python < 2.7.6

Update to version 2020-01-01:

+ Skip irctest when optional dependencies are not installed.

Update to version 2019-12-21:

+ Add config supybot.reply.format.list.maximumItems to limit the size o… 
+ Add fallback if getting supybot.language from registry cache failed.
+ All plugins: set Limnoria contributors as maintainer
+ Better formatting in supybot.Author if some fields are missing
+ Get locale name on startup from registry cache instead of parsing con…
+ Make getLocaleFromRegistryCache reload existing locales. 
+ Math: Fix test on Pypy.
+ Math: Display a nicer error in case of MemoryError. 
+ MoobotFactoids: Fix support of commands sent in private. 
+ Nicer error message in getChannel/makeChannelFilename when channel is…
+ Plugin: support showing __maintainer__ field in the 'author' command
+ Plugin: accept author name in 'contributors' command
+ QuoteGrabs: fix SyntaxWarning (#1391) 
+ Remove dead code from Group that belongs in Value.
+ Request msgid capability.
+ RSS: Register feed config in config.py instead of plugin.py. 
+ Scheduler: Use assertRegexp instead of assertNotRegexp in tests.
+ Scheduler: Use default timeout for assertResponse.
+ Scheduler: Use mocking to make tests faster.
+ Services: Fix typo in doInvite() (#1394)
+ Update core fr translation.
+ Update supybot-plugin-doc to work with current version of the registry. 
+ Web: Lower log level when title could not be found.
+ Web: Remove leading space if the prefix is empty.
+ Web: Add early returns on exception when snarfing titles. 
+ src/callbacks.py: use network-specific values. 
+ test: Don't overwrite the main Schedule in the driver list.
+ test: Mock calls to time.sleep()
+ test: choose a random free port for tests using the HTTP server

Update to version 2019-11-09:

+ Fix log on SASL failure.
+ Math: Rewrite calc functions with a proper evaluator. 
+ Log SASL mechanism on failure. Closes GH-1014. 
+ Config: Add : prefix to network-specific values listed by 'config list'.
+ Web: Catch more errors in getTitle.
+ Split 'CAP REQ' commands to not exceed 512 bytes.
+ Reset capability set state on reconnection.
+ Fix conditional on CTCP in urlSnarfer
+ Use a real invalid email in supybot.authors.unknown
+ Don't repeat nick in supybot.Author if nick and name are the same
+ regexp_wrapper: return None instead of False when search times out

Update to version 2019-09-08:

* Interpret empty server tag values as missing tag values. As
  required by https://ircv3.net/specs/extensions/message-tags

Changes from version 2019-08-25:

* Config: Prevent accidental leak of private values on public

Changes from version 2019-07-17:

* Google: Update for Google's new HTML layout.

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