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Recommended update for strawberry

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2020-06-03
This update for strawberry fixes the following issues:

strawberry was updated to version 0.6.10:

* Bugfixes:

 + Fixed Subsonic album covers not working for albums with non ASCII charcters.
 + Fixed reading date and genre from individual tracks in CUE sheets.
 + Fixed resume playback on startup for CUE songs.
 + Fixed album cover manager not showing complete album titles in the list of album covers.
 + Fixed save album cover to file saving "no cover" image instead of actual album cover.
 + Fixed device state text color in devices not being visible when using a dark theme.
 + Fixed engine and device in context using too large icons when icons were loaded from the system theme.
 + Fixed "Secure connection setup failed" problem on Windows when playing streams.
 + Fixed margin for song title text in context.
 + Fixed UNC paths with non ASCII charcters not working.

* Enhancements:

 + Allowing all characters except slash and backslash when organising music unless options to strip characters is checked.
 + New option in organising music to remove problematic filename characters that removes less characters than the FAT option.
 + General improvements to the album cover loader and album cover providers code.
 + Fixed loading album cover images from album directory for songs added to the playlist from outside of the collection.
 + Made automatic album cover search work for songs outside of the collection and for streams.
 + Made album cover search work based on artist + title if album title is not present for providers supporting song/track search.
 + Update art manual in playlist for local files, devices and CDDA to avoid loading covers multiple times.
 + Made lyrics search work for streams.
 + Added "add stream" to menu.
 + Only showing song length in context when available.
 + Sort album cover search results by score and pick the best 3 first before trying others to improve album cover search speed.
 + Make scrobbler work for streams.
 + Added search for lyrics as a seperate option in context.
 + Made font and font sizes in context configurable.
 + Splitting artist and song title to the relevant metadata when artist and song title is sent as title seperated by a dash in streams.
 + Added label to show collection pixmap disk cache used in settings.
 + Icreased default collection pixmap disk cache to 360.

* New features:

 + Added back Tidal streaming support.
 + Added Qobuz album cover provider.

* Removed features:

 + Removed Phonon engine support.

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