Update Info


Security update for crawl

Type: security
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2020-04-24
This update for crawl fixes the following issues:

* CVE-2020-11722: Fixed a remote code evaluation issue with lua loadstring (boo#1169381)

Update to version 0.24.0

* Vampire species simplified
* Thrown weapons streamlined
* Fedhas reimagined
* Sif Muna reworked

Update to version 0.23.2

* Trap system overhaul
* New Gauntlet portal to replace Labyrinths
* Nemelex Xobeh rework
* Nine unrandarts reworked and the new "Rift" unrandart added
* Support for seeded dungeon play
* build requires python and python-pyYAML

Update to 0.22.0

* Player ghosts now only appear in sealed ghost vaults
* New spell library interface
* User interface revamp for Tiles and WebTiles



  • crawl-0.24.0-bp151.4.3.2