Update Info


Recommended update for redis

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2020-04-23
This update for redis fixes the following issues:

redis updated to 4.0.14 (boo#1169810):

* backport of fixes from Redis 5, addressing memory leaks,
  possible corruptions and undesired behavior
* Important fixes to the AOF implementation

- update systemd unit file to fix redis shutdown immedaiate after start 

- make sure that disabling/restarting servers works

  See https://nordisch.org/posts/hooking-up-instantiated-services-with-rpm/

- added systemd unit file file redis-sentinel

  - the unit file uses the same multiple instance mechanism as the
    normal redis unit file
    systemctl start redis-sentinel@default will look for
    and expects a pid file
    Please make sure your sentinel config sets the pid file.

  - adapted the default sentinel.conf.example to set the pid file
    and the log file similar to the normal redis.conf:
    The unit file checks for the pid file so please adapt your
    local sentinel configs.

  - adapt and restructure README.SUSE

    - move the LimitNoFile to the service file itself so the user
      do not have to manually do that step for every instance
    - move the apache integration into its own section
    - add section for redis-sentinel

  - install sentinel example config with group write permissions
    to indicate that the actually config needs to be writable.

- Update to 4.0.11

  * https://raw.githubusercontent.com/antirez/redis/4.0.11/00-RELEASENOTES
  * The disconnection time between the master and slave was reset
    in an incorrect place, sometimes a good slave will not be able
    to failover because it claims it was disconnected for too much
    time from the master.
  * A replication bug, rare to trigger but non impossible, is in
    Redis for years. It was lately discovered at Redis Labs and
    fixed by Oran Agra. It may cause disconnections,
    desynchronizations and other issues.
  * RANDOMKEY may go in infinite loop on rare situations. Now fixed.
  * EXISTS now works in a more consistent way on slaves.
  * Sentinel: backport of an option to deny a potential security
    problem when the SENTINEL command is used to configure an
    arbitrary script to execute.



  • redis-4.0.14-bp151.3.3.1