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Security update for ansible

Type: security
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2020-04-16
This update for ansible to version 2.9.6 fixes the following issues:

Security issues fixed:

- CVE-2019-14904: Fixed a vulnerability in solaris_zone module via crafted solaris zone (boo#1157968).
- CVE-2019-14905: Fixed an issue where malicious code could craft filename in nxos_file_copy module (boo#1157969).
- CVE-2019-14864: Fixed Splunk and Sumologic callback plugins leak sensitive data in logs (boo#1154830).
- CVE-2019-14846: Fixed secrets disclosure on logs due to display is hardcoded to DEBUG level (boo#1153452)
- CVE-2019-14856: Fixed insufficient fix for CVE-2019-10206 (boo#1154232)
- CVE-2019-14858: Fixed data in the sub parameter fields that will not be masked
  and will be displayed when run with increased verbosity (boo#1154231) 
- CVE-2019-10206: ansible-playbook -k and ansible cli tools prompt passwords by
  expanding them from templates as they could contain special characters. 
  Passwords should be wrapped to prevent templates trigger and exposing them. (boo#1142690)
- CVE-2019-10217: Fields managing sensitive data should be set as such by no_log
  feature. Some of these fields in GCP modules are not set properly. 
  service_account_contents() which is common class for all gcp modules is not 
  setting no_log to True. Any sensitive data managed by that function would be 
  leak as an output when running ansible playbooks. (boo#1144453)

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  • ansible-2.9.6-bp151.3.6.1