Update Info


Recommended update for xfce4-settings

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2020-01-10
This update for xfce4-settings fixes the following issues:

xfce4-settings was updated to 4.12.4:

* Fix: --replace did not replace old daemon (bxo#14381)
* Fix: Uninitialized scalar variables (CID #292062, #292063)
* Fix: -Wcast-function-type (GCC 8)
* Improved display manufucturer name recognition:

  - Refreshed PNP IDs from hwdata
  - Added support for VBX (VirtualBox)
  - Standardized and shortened manufacturer names
  - Updated laptop detection to include eDP in XfceRandr

* Translation updates

update to version 4.12.3:

* Improvements for multimonitor support:

  - Visualize all three display configuration states
  - Visually note if two displays overlap (mirrored) but are not
  - Always draw active display last so it's on top
  - Fix: Correctly position monitors in extended mode
  - Fix: Race condition with monitor connect and disconnect
  - Fix: Segfault on monitor reconnect

* Translation updates

update to version 4.12.2:

* Fix: Leave monitors where they were if possible (bxo#14096)
* Fix: syncdaemon not starting with certain locales
* Fix: division by 0 crash from gdk_screen_height_mm()
* New: Default monospace font option in the Appearance dialog
* New: Improved support for embedded DisplayPort connectors
* New: Show location of the mouse pointer on keypress
* Translation updates

* Fix buildreq for libinput stuff; it's xorg-libinput (boo#1026976)
* Enable libinput support for Leap, too (boo#1026976)

update to version 4.12.1:

* Fix color scheme preview on low bit depth displays
* Fix: Segfault in convert_xfce_output_info
* Fix: /Xft/Hinting is never set
* Fix memory leak in xfce4-appearance-settings
* Fix: xfsettingsd resets TV mode to NULL on power cycle
* translation updates

update to version 4.12.0

* do not change properties on disabled libinput devices
* increased required automake and libtool versions
* Fix crashes for missing icons (bxo#11568)
* Fix warnings during configure
* Fix primary checkbox expansion in the display settings
* Translation updates



  • xfce4-settings-4.12.4-2.1