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Recommended update for pmacct

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2020-04-09
This update for pmacct fixes the following issues:

Update to version 1.7.4p1

- fix, pre_tag_map: a memory leak in pretag_entry_process() has been
  introduced in 1.7.4.

Update to version 1.7.4

+ Introduced support for the 'vxlan' VXLAN/VNI primitive in all
  traffic daemons 
+ BMP daemon: added support for Peer Up message namespace for TLVs
+ sfprobe plugin: added support for IPv6 transport for sFlow export.  

  See /usr/share/doc/packages/pmacct/ChangeLog for all changes

- Do not longer build with support for the obsolete GeoIP
  The GeoIP-interface has been discontinued by Maxmind. See
  for details. Without the database GeoIP is useless.
  pmacct is now build with support for libmaxminddb (GeoIPv2) that
  provides the same features but with a new supported interface.

Update to version 1.7.3

  + Introduced the RPKI daemon to build a ROA database and check prefixes
    validation status and coverages. Resource Public Key Infrastructure
    (RPKI) is a specialized public key infrastructure (PKI) framework
    designed to secure the Internet routing. RPKI uses certificates to
    allow Local Internet Registries (LIRs) to list the Internet number
    resources they hold. These attestations are called Route Origination
    Authorizations (ROAs). ROA information can be acquired in one of the
    two following ways: 1) importing it using the rpki_roas_file config
    directive from a file in the RIPE Validator format or 2) connecting
    to a RPKI RTR Cache for live ROA updates; the cache IP address/port
    being defined by the rpki_rtr_cache config directive (and a few more
    optional rpki_rtr_* directives are available and can be reviwed in
    the CONFIG-KEYS doc). The ROA fields will be populated with one of
    these five values: 'u' Unknown, 'v' Valid, 'i' Invalid no overlaps,
    'V' Invalid with a covering Valid prefix, 'U' Invalid with a covering
    Unknown prefix.
  + Introducing pmgrpcd.py, written in Python, a daemon to handle gRPC-
    based Streaming Telemetry sessions and unmarshall GPB data. Code
    was mostly courtesy by Matthias Arnold ( @tbearma1 ). This is in
    addition (or feeding into) pmtelemetryd, written in C, a daemon to
    handle TCP/UDP-based Streaming Telemetry sessions with JSON-encoded
  + pmacctd, uacctd: added support for CFP (Cisco FabricPath) and Cisco
    Virtual Network Tag protocols.
  + print plugin: added 'custom' to print_output. This is to cover two
    main use-cases: 1) use JSON or Avro encodings but fix the format of
    the messages in a custom way and 2) use a different encoding than
    JSON or Avro. See also example in examples/custom and new directives
    print_output_custom_lib and print_output_custom_cfg_file. The patch
    was courtesy by Edge Intelligence ( @edge-intelligence ).
  + Introducing mpls_pw_id aggregation primitive and mpls_pw_id key in
    pre_tag_map to filter on signalled L2 MPLS VPN Pseudowire IDs.
  + BGP daemon: added bgp_disable_router_id knob to enable/disable BGP
    Router-ID check, both at BGP OPEN time and BGP lookup. Useful, for
    example, in scenarios with split BGP v4/v6 AFs over v4/v6 transports.
  + BGP, BMP daemons: translate origin attribute numeric value into IGP
    (i), EGP (e) and Incomplete (u) strings.
  + plugins: added new plugin_exit_any feature to make the daemon bail
    out if any (not all, which is the default behaviour) of the plugins
  + maps_index: improved selection of buckets for index hash structure
    by picking the closest prime number to the double of the entries of
    the map to be indexed in order to achieve better elements dispersion
    and hence better performances.
  + nfacctd: added support for IPFIX templateId-scoped (IE 145) sampling
  + pmacctd, uacctd, sfacctd, nfacctd: added a -M command-line option to
    set *_markers (ie. print_markers) to true and fixed -A command-line
    option to set print_output_file_append to align to true/false.
  ! fix, BGP, BMP, Streaming Telemetry daemons: improved sequencing of
    dump events by assigning a single sequence number per event (ie. for
    streaming pipeline scenarios in order to reduce correlation with
    dump_init/dump_close messages). Also amount of record dumped was
    added to the close message.
  ! fix, BGP, BMP, Streaming Telemetry daemons: removed hierarchical
    json_decref() since json_object_get() borrows reference. This was
    occasionaly leading to SEGVs.
  ! fix, uacctd: dynamically allocate jumbo_container buffer size as
    packets larger than 10KB, previous static allocation, would lead to
  ! fix, nfacctd: wired (BGP, BMP, ISIS, etc.) lookups to the NEL/NSEL 
  ! fix, nfacctd: search for IE 408 (dataLinkFrameType) was leading to
    SEGVs. Also improved handling of variable-length IPFIX templates.  
  ! fix, BMP daemon: solved an occasional truncation of the last message
    in a packet. 
  ! fix, BGP daemon: when processing bgp_daemon_md5_file, ipv4 addresses
    were incorrectly translated to ipv4-mapped ipv6 ones as a result of
    which TCP-MD5 hashes were not correctly bound to sockets.
  ! fix, BGP daemon: improved label-unicast and mpls-vpn SAFIs handling
    (some bogus messages, multiple labels, etc.).
  ! fix, BGP daemon: introduced PREFIX_STRLEN to make enough room for
    prefix2str() calls (before unsufficient INET6_ADDRSTRLEN was used).
  ! fix, BMP daemon: improved handling of ADD-PATH capability.
  ! fix, plugins: an incorrect evaluation in P_cache_attach_new_node did
    make possible to buffer overrun in plugins cache allocation. This was
    found related to a "[..]: Assertion `!cache_ptr->stitch' failed."
    daemon bail-out message.
  ! fix, plugins: if pidfile directive was enabled, exit_gracefully() was
    mistakenly deleting the plugin pidfile when called by a child process
    (ie. writer, dumper, etc.).
  ! fix, plugins: when taking exit_gracefully(), if the process is marked
    as 'is_forked', just exit and don't perform extra ops in exit_all()
    or exit_plugin().
  ! fix, plugins: re-evaluate dynamic tables/files name if *_refresh_time
    is different than *_history period.
  ! fix, SQL plugins: a missing 'AND' was making SQL statements related
    to src_host_coords and dst_host_coords fail.
  ! fix, GeoIPv2: if no match is returned by libmaxminddb, return O1 code
    (Other Country) instead of a null value.
  ! fix, flow_to_rd_map: mpls_vpn_id was not working when maps_index was
    enabled. Also partly re-written mpls_vpn_id handler.
  ! fix, nfprobe plugin: serialize_bin() function introduced for correct
    serialization of custom primitives defined with 'raw' semantics.
  ! fix, PostgreSQL plugin: testing for presence of PQlibVersion() in
    libpq to prevent compiling issues (ie. on CentOS 6).
  ! fix, MySQL plugin: including mysql_version.h to compile successfully
    against newer MariaDB releases.
  ! fix, nDPI classification: send log message if 'class' primitive is
    selected but nDPI is not compiled in; also updated code to follow
    API changes in versions >= 2.6 of the library. Dropped support for
    versions < 2.4.
  ! fix, sfprobe plugin: added (and documented) conditional for optional
    export of classification info.
  ! fix, aggregate_primitives: field_type is now also allowed for pmacctd
    and uaccd daemons so that it can be used for NetFlow v9/IPFIX export
    (nfprobe plugin) purposes.
  ! fix, pre_tag_map: if no 'ip' keyword is specified, an entry of the
    map gets recirculated in order to be set for both v4 and v6 maps. If
    a 'set_label' is also specified, it was causing a SEGV. Now the label
    is correctly copied in case of recirculation.
  ! fix, zmq_common.c: added option for non-blocking p_zmq_send_bin() as
    otherwise program would block in case of no consumers (main use-case:
    flow replication over ZeroMQ queues); as a result, a generous hwm
    value was added on both sides of these queues.
  ! fix, zmq_common.c: ZAP socket moved inside thread to prevent failed
    assert() when compiling with gcc7/gcc8. Also a single user/password
    auto-generated combination is used for all plugins.
  ! fix, signals.c: SIGUSR1 handler for nfacctd and nfacctd is changed to
    syncronous in order to prevent race conditions. Also, in pmacctd,
    upon sending SIGUSR1, stats were not printed when reading packets
    from a pcap_interfaaces_map.
  ! fix, plugin_cmn_json.c: if leaving protocols numerical (ie. proto,
    tunnel_proto primitives), convert them to string-represented numbers
    for data consistency for consumers.
  ! fix, util.c: open_output_file(), if file exists and it's a FIFO then
    set O_NONBLOCK when opening.
  ! fix, pretag.c: pretag_index_report() was reporting incorrect info of
    the hash structure built for the maps_index feature. Its format was
    has also changed to be better parseable.
  ! fix, compile time warnings: several warnings were addressed including
    but not restricted to -Wformat ones. Also an annotation was added to
    the Log function to inform the compiler it's a printf-style function,
    allowing it to give warnings for argument mismatches.
  - --enable-ipv6 configure script switch has been deprecated and, as a
    result, IPv6 support was made mandatory.
  - BGP daemon: removed unused pathlimit field from bgp_attr structure.
  - pmacct client: removed deprecated SYM field from from formatted and
    CSV headers.
- Build with support for
  * ZeroMQ
  * Maxmind GeoIP DB v2

This update was imported from the openSUSE:Leap:15.1:Update update project.



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