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Security update for python-nltk

Type: security
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2020-04-01
This update for python-nltk fixes the following issues:

Update to 3.4.5 (boo#1146427, CVE-2019-14751):

* CVE-2019-14751: Fixed Zip slip vulnerability in downloader for the
  unlikely situation where a user configures their downloader to use
  a compromised server (boo#1146427)

Update to 3.4.4:

* fix bug in plot function (probability.py)
* add improved PanLex Swadesh corpus reader
* add Text.generate()
* add QuadgramAssocMeasures
* add SSP to tokenizers
* return confidence of best tag from AveragedPerceptron
* make plot methods return Axes objects
* don't require list arguments to PositiveNaiveBayesClassifier.train
* fix Tree classes to work with native Python copy library
* fix inconsistency for NomBank
* fix random seeding in LanguageModel.generate
* fix ConditionalFreqDist mutation on tabulate/plot call
* fix broken links in documentation
* fix misc Wordnet issues
* update installation instructions

Version update to 3.4.1:

* add chomsky_normal_form for CFGs
* add meteor score
* add minimum edit/Levenshtein distance based alignment function
* allow access to collocation list via text.collocation_list()
* support corenlp server options
* drop support for Python 3.4
* other minor fixes

Update to v3.4:

* Support Python 3.7
* New Language Modeling package
* Cistem Stemmer for German
* Support Russian National Corpus incl POS tag model
* Krippendorf Alpha inter-rater reliability test
* Comprehensive code clean-ups
* Switch continuous integration from Jenkins to Travis

Updated to v3.3:

* Support Python 3.6
* New interface to CoreNLP
* Support synset retrieval by sense key
* Minor fixes to CoNLL Corpus Reader
* AlignedSent
* Fixed minor inconsistencies in APIs and API documentation
* Better conformance to PEP8
* Drop Moses Tokenizer (incompatible license)

This update was imported from the openSUSE:Leap:15.1:Update update project.



  • python-nltk-3.4.5-bp151.4.3.1