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Recommended update for netsniff-ng

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2020-03-31
This update for netsniff-ng fixes the following issues:

GeoIP has been discontinued by Maxmind. Please see
for details. Without the database GeoIP is useless.

Update to version 0.6.6:

* implement rotating capture files in netsniff-ng
* fixed '--in -' to work again with STDIN in trafgen
* fixed -t 0 option to use sendto in trafgen
* checksum calculation for ICMP and TCP in astraceroute
* fix for reading mirrors from file in astraceroute
* use GZIP_ENV instead of GZIP in build system
* fixed manpage warnings
* added error handling for mismatched address families in mausezahn.

Update to version 0.6.5:

* add DCCP support to netsniff-ng
* fix segfault in mausezahn
* add date format strings to --out in netsniff-ng
* restore handling of raw hex string passed in on command line in mausezahn
* support ICMPv6 checksums in trafgen
* improve random mac address generation in mausezahn
* man page updates and reformatting

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  • netsniff-ng-0.6.6-bp151.5.3.1