Update Info


Security update for proftpd

Type: security
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2020-01-13
This update for proftpd fixes the following issues:

* GeoIP has been discontinued by Maxmind (boo#1156210)
  This update removes module build for geoip
    see https://support.maxmind.com/geolite-legacy-discontinuation-notice/

- CVE-2019-19269: Fixed a NULL pointer dereference may occur when validating the certificate of a client connecting to the server (boo#1157803)
- CVE-2019-19270: Fixed a Failure to check for the appropriate field of a CRL entry prevents some valid CRLs from being taken into account (boo#1157798)
- CVE-2019-18217: Fixed remote unauthenticated denial-of-service due to incorrect handling of overly long commands (boo#1154600 gh#846)

Update to 1.3.6b

* Fixed pre-authentication remote denial-of-service issue (Issue #846).
* Backported fix for building mod_sql_mysql using MySQL 8 (Issue #824).

Update to 1.3.6a:

* Fixed symlink navigation (Bug#4332).
* Fixed building of mod_sftp using OpenSSL 1.1.x releases (Issue#674).
* Fixed SITE COPY honoring of <Limit> restrictions (Bug#4372).
* Fixed segfault on login when using mod_sftp + mod_sftp_pam (Issue#656).
* Fixed restarts when using mod_facl as a static module
* Add missing Requires(pre): group(ftp) for Leap 15 and Tumbleweed (boo#1155834)
* Add missing Requires(pre): user(ftp) for Leap 15 and Tumbleweed (boo#1155834)
* Use pam_keyinit.so (boo#1144056)

- Reduce hard dependency on systemd to only that which is
  necessary for building and installation.

update to 1.3.6:

* Support for using Redis for caching, logging; see the doc/howto/Redis.html
* Fixed mod_sql_postgres SSL support (Issue #415).
* Support building against LibreSSL instead of OpenSSL (Issue #361).
* Better support on AIX for login restraictions (Bug #4285).
* TimeoutLogin (and other timeouts) were not working properly for SFTP
  connections (Bug#4299).
* Handling of the SIGILL and SIGINT signals, by the daemon process, now causes
  the child processes to be terminated as well (Issue #461).
* RPM .spec file naming changed to conform to Fedora guidelines.
* Fix for "AllowChrootSymlinks off" checking each component for symlinks (CVE-2017-7418).

New Modules:

* mod_redis, mod_tls_redis, mod_wrap2_redis
    With Redis now supported as a caching mechanism, similar to Memcache,
    there are now Redis-using modules: mod_redis (for configuring the Redis
    connection information), mod_tls_redis (for caching SSL sessions and
    OCSP information using Redis), and mod_wrap2_redis (for using ACLs stored
    in Redis).

Changed Modules:

* mod_ban:
      The mod_ban module's BanCache directive can now use Redis-based caching;
      see doc/contrib/mod_ban.html#BanCache.

-New Configuration Directives

* SQLPasswordArgon2, SQLPasswordScrypt

      The key lengths for Argon2 and Scrypt-based passwords are now configurable
      via these new directives; previously, the key length had been hardcoded
      to be 32 bytes, which is not interoperable with all other implementations
      (Issue #454).

Changed Configuration Directives

* AllowChrootSymlinks
    When "AllowChrootSymlinks off" was used, only the last portion of the
    DefaultRoot path would be checked to see if it was a symlink.  Now,
    each component of the DefaultRoot path will be checked to see if it is
    a symlink when "AllowChrootSymlinks off" is used.
* Include
    The Include directive can now be used within a <Limit> section, e.g.:
      <Limit LOGIN>
          Include /path/to/allowed.txt
API Changes
  * A new JSON API has been added, for use by third-party modules. 



  • proftpd-1.3.6b-bp151.4.6.2