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Recommended update for aws-cli, python-boto3, python-botocore, python-s3transfer, python-aws-sam-translator, python-cfn-lint, python-nose2, python-parameterized

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2020-03-05

This update for aws-cli, python-aws-sam-translator, python-cfn-lint, python-nose2, python-parameterized, python-boto3, python-botocore, python-s3transfer fixes the following issues:

python-aws-sam-translator was updated to 1.11.0 (bsc#1159018, jsc#PM-1507):

Upgrade to 1.11.0:

  * Add ReservedConcurrentExecutions to globals
  * Fix ElasticsearchHttpPostPolicy resource reference
  * Support using AWS::Region in Ref and Sub
  * Documentation and examples updates
  * Add VersionDescription property to Serverless::Function
  * Update ServerlessRepoReadWriteAccessPolicy
  * Add additional template validation

Upgrade to 1.10.0:

  * Add GSIs to DynamoDBReadPolicy and DynamoDBCrudPolicy
  * Add DynamoDBReconfigurePolicy
  * Add CostExplorerReadOnlyPolicy and OrganizationsListAccountsPolicy
  * Add EKSDescribePolicy
  * Add SESBulkTemplatedCrudPolicy
  * Add FilterLogEventsPolicy
  * Add SSMParameterReadPolicy
  * Add SESEmailTemplateCrudPolicy
  * Add s3:PutObjectAcl to S3CrudPolicy
  * Add allow_credentials CORS option
  * Add support for AccessLogSetting and CanarySetting Serverless::Api properties
  * Add support for X-Ray in Serverless::Api
  * Add support for MinimumCompressionSize in Serverless::Api
  * Add Auth to Serverless::Api globals
  * Remove trailing slashes from APIGW permissions
  * Add SNS FilterPolicy and an example application
  * Add Enabled property to Serverless::Function event sources
  * Add support for PermissionsBoundary in Serverless::Function
  * Fix boto3 client initialization
  * Add PublicAccessBlockConfiguration property to S3 bucket resource
  * Make PAY_PER_REQUEST default mode for Serverless::SimpleTable
  * Add limited support for resolving intrinsics in Serverless::LayerVersion
  * SAM now uses Flake8
  * Add example application for S3 Events written in Go
  * Updated several example applications

python-cfn-lint was added in version 0.21.4:

- Add upstream patch to fix EOL dates for lambda runtimes
- Add upstream patch to fix test_config_expand_paths test

- Rename to python-cfn-lint.  This package has a python API, which
  is required by python-moto.

Update to version 0.21.4:

  + Features
    * Include more resource types in W3037
  + CloudFormation Specifications
    * Add Resource Type `AWS::CDK::Metadata`
  + Fixes
    * Uncap requests dependency in setup.py
    * Check Join functions have lists in the correct sections
    * Pass a parameter value for AutoPublishAlias when doing a Transform
    * Show usage examples when displaying the help

Update to version 0.21.3

  + Fixes
    * Support dumping strings for datetime objects when doing a Transform

Update to version 0.21.2

  + CloudFormation Specifications
    * Update CloudFormation specs to 3.3.0
    * Update instance types from pricing API as of 2019.05.23

Update to version 0.21.1

  + Features
    * Add `Info` logging capability and set the default logging to `NotSet`
  + Fixes
    * Only do rule logging (start/stop/time) when the rule is going to be called
    * Update rule E1019 to allow `Fn::Transform` inside a `Fn::Sub`
    * Update rule W2001 to not break when `Fn::Transform` inside a `Fn::Sub`
    * Update rule E2503 to allow conditions to be used and to not default to `network` load balancer when an object is used for the Load Balancer type

Update to version 0.21.0

  + Features
    * New rule E3038 to check if a Serverless resource includes the appropriate Transform
    * New rule E2531 to validate a Lambda's runtime against the deprecated dates
    * New rule W2531 to validate a Lambda's runtime against the EOL dates
    * Update rule E2541 to include updates to Code Pipeline capabilities
    * Update rule E2503 to include checking of values for load balancer attributes
  + CloudFormation Specifications
    * Update CloudFormation specs to 3.2.0
    * Update instance types from pricing API as of 2019.05.20
  + Fixes
    * Include setuptools in setup.py requires

Update to version 0.20.3

  + CloudFormation Specifications
    * Update instance types from pricing API as of 2019.05.16
  + Fixes
    * Update E7001 to allow float/doubles for mapping values
    * Update W1020 to check pre-transformed Fn::Sub(s) to determine if a Sub is needed
    * Pin requests to be below or equal to 2.21.0 to prevent issues with botocore

Update to version 0.20.2

  + Features
    * Add support for List<String> Parameter types
  + CloudFormation Specifications
    * Add allowed values for AWS::EC2 EIP, FlowLog, CustomerGateway, DHCPOptions, EC2Fleet
    * Create new property type for Security Group IDs or Names
    * Add new Lambda runtime environment for NodeJs 10.x
    * Move AWS::ServiceDiscovery::Service Health checks from Only One to Exclusive
    * Update Glue Crawler Role to take an ARN or a name
    * Remove PrimitiveType from MaintenanceWindowTarget Targets
    * Add Min/Max values for Load Balancer Ports to be between 1-65535
  + Fixes
    * Include License file in the pypi package to help with downstream projects
    * Filter out dynamic references from rule E3031 and E3030
    * Convert Python linting and Code Coverage from Python 3.6 to 3.7

Update to version 0.20.1

  + Fixes
    * Update rule E8003 to support more functions inside a Fn::Equals

Update to version 0.20.0

  + Features
    * Allow a rule's exception to be defined in a resource's metadata
    * Add rule configuration capabilities
    * Update rule E3012 to allow for non strict property checking
    * Add rule E8003 to test Fn::Equals structure and syntax
    * Add rule E8004 to test Fn::And structure and syntax
    * Add rule E8005 to test Fn::Not structure and syntax
    * Add rule E8006 to test Fn::Or structure and syntax
    * Include Path to error in the JSON output
    * Update documentation to describe how to install cfn-lint from brew
  + CloudFormation Specifications
    * Update CloudFormation specs to version 3.0.0
    * Add new region ap-east-1
    * Add list min/max and string min/max for CloudWatch Alarm Actions
    * Add allowed values for EC2::LaunchTemplate
    * Add allowed values for EC2::Host
    * Update allowed values for Amazon MQ to include 5.15.9
    * Add AWS::Greengrass::ResourceDefinition to GreenGrass supported regions
    * Add AWS::EC2::VPCEndpointService to all regions
    * Update AWS::ECS::TaskDefinition ExecutionRoleArn to be a IAM Role ARN
    * Patch spec files for SSM MaintenanceWindow to look for Target and not Targets
    * Update ManagedPolicyArns list size to be 20 which is the hard limit.  10 is the soft limit.
  + Fixes
    * Fix rule E3033 to check the string size when the string is inside a list
    * Fix an issue in which AWS::NotificationARNs was not a list
    * Add AWS::EC2::Volume to rule W3010
    * Fix an issue with W2001 where SAM translate would remove the Ref to a parameter causing this error to falsely trigger
    * Fix rule W3010 to not error when the availability zone is 'all'

Update to version 0.19.1

  + Fixes
    * Fix core Condition processing to support direct Condition in another Condition
    * Fix the W2030 to check numbers against string allowed values

Update to version 0.19.0

  + Features
    * Add NS and PTR Route53 record checking to rule E3020
    * New rule E3050 to check if a Ref to IAM Role has a Role path of '/'
    * New rule E3037 to look for duplicates in a list that doesn't support duplicates
    * New rule I3037 to look for duplicates in a list when duplicates are allowed
  + CloudFormation Specifications
    * Add Min/Max values to AWS::ElasticLoadBalancingV2::TargetGroup HealthCheckTimeoutSeconds
    * Add Max JSON size to AWS::IAM::ManagedPolicy PolicyDocument
    * Add allowed values for AWS::EC2 SpotFleet, TransitGateway, NetworkAcl
      NetworkInterface, PlacementGroup, and Volume
    * Add Min/max values to AWS::Budgets::Budget.Notification Threshold
    * Update RDS Instance types by database engine and license definitions using the pricing API
    * Update AWS::CodeBuild::Project ServiceRole to support Role Name or ARN
    * Update AWS::ECS::Service Role to support Role Name or ARN
  + Fixes
    * Update E3025 to support the new structure of data in the RDS instance type json
    * Update E2540 to remove all nested conditions from the object
    * Update E3030 to not do strict type checking
    * Update E3020 to support conditions nested in the record sets
    * Update E3008 to better handle CloudFormation sub stacks with different GetAtt formats

Update to version 0.18.1

  + CloudFormation Specifications
    * Update CloudFormation Specs to 2.30.0
    * Fix IAM Regex Path to support more character types
    * Update AWS::Batch::ComputeEnvironment.ComputeResources InstanceRole to reference an
      InstanceProfile or GetAtt the InstanceProfile Arn
    * Allow VPC IDs to Ref a Parameter of type String
  + Fixes
    * Fix E3502 to check the size of the property instead of the parent object

Update to version 0.18.0

  + Features
    * New rule E3032 to check the size of lists
    * New rule E3502 to check JSON Object Size using definitions in the spec file
    * New rule E3033 to test the minimum and maximum length of a string
    * New rule E3034 to validate the min and max of a number
    * Remove Ebs Iops check from E2504 and use rule E3034 instead
    * Remove rule E2509 and use rule E3033 instead
    * Remove rule E2508 as it replaced by E3032 and E3502
    * Update rule E2503 to check that there are at least two 2 Subnets or SubnetMappings for ALBs
    * SAM requirement upped to minimal version of 1.10.0
  + CloudFormation Specifications
    * Extend specs to include:
      > `ListMin` and `ListMax` for the minimum and maximum size of a list
      > `JsonMax` to check the max size of a JSON Object
      > `StringMin` and `StringMax` to check the minimum and maximum length of a String
      > `NumberMin` and `NumberMax` to check the minimum and maximum value of a Number, Float, Long
    * Update State and ExecutionRoleArn to be required on AWS::DLM::LifecyclePolicy
    * Add AllowedValues for PerformanceInsightsRetentionPeriod for AWS::RDS::Instance
    * Add AllowedValues for the AWS::GuardDuty Resources
    * Add AllowedValues for AWS::EC2 VPC and VPN Resources
    * Switch IAM Instance Profiles for certain resources to the type that only takes the name
    * Add regex pattern for IAM Instance Profile when a name (not Arn) is used
    * Add regex pattern for IAM Paths
    * Add Regex pattern for IAM Role Arn
    * Update OnlyOne spec to require require at least one of Subnets or SubnetMappings with ELB v2
  + Fixes
    * Fix serverless transform to use DefinitionBody when Auth is in the API definition
    * Fix rule W2030 to not error when checking SSM or List Parameters

Update to version 0.17.1

  + Features
    * Update rule E2503 to make sure NLBs don't have a Security Group configured
  + CloudFormation Specifications
    * Add all the allowed values of the `AWS::Glue` Resources
    * Update OnlyOne check for `AWS::CloudWatch::Alarm` to only `MetricName` or `Metrics`
    * Update Exclusive check for `AWS::CloudWatch::Alarm` for properties mixed with `Metrics` and `Statistic`
    * Update CloudFormation specs to 2.29.0
    * Fix type with MariaDB in the AllowedValues
    * Update pricing information for data available on 2018.3.29
  + Fixes
    * Fix rule E1029 to not look for a sub is needed when looking for iot strings in policies
    * Fix rule E2541 to allow for ActionId Versions of length 1-9 and meets regex `[0-9A-Za-z_-]+`
    * Fix rule E2532 to allow for `Parameters` inside a `Pass` action
    * Fix an issue when getting the location of an error in which numbers are causing an attribute error

Update to version 0.17.0

  + Features
    * Add new rule E3026 to validate Redis cluster settings including AutomaticFailoverEnabled and NumCacheClusters.  Status: Released
    * Add new rule W3037 to validate IAM resource policies.  Status: Experimental
    * Add new parameter `-e/--include-experimental` to allow for new rules in that aren't ready to be fully released
  + CloudFormation Specifications
    * Update Spec files to 2.28.0
    * Add all the allowed values of the AWS::Redshift::* Resources
    * Add all the allowed values of the AWS::Neptune::* Resources
    * Patch spec to make AWS::CloudFront::Distribution.LambdaFunctionAssociation.LambdaFunctionARN required
    * Patch spec to make AWS::DynamoDB::Table AttributeDefinitions required
  + Fixes
    * Remove extra blank lines when there is no errors in the output
    * Add exception to rule E1029 to have exceptions for EMR CloudWatchAlarmDefinition
    * Update rule E1029 to allow for literals in a Sub
    * Remove sub checks from rule E3031 as it won't match in all cases of an allowed pattern regex check
    * Correct typos for errors in rule W1001
    * Switch from parsing a template as Yaml to Json when finding an escape character
    * Fix an issue with SAM related to transforming templates with Serverless Application and Lambda Layers
    * Fix an issue with rule E2541 when non strings were used for Stage Names

Update to version 0.16.0

  + Features
    * Add rule E3031 to look for regex patterns based on the patched spec file
    * Remove regex checks from rule E2509
    * Add parameter `ignore-templates` to allow the ignoring of templates when doing bulk linting
  + CloudFormation Specifications
    * Update Spec files to 2.26.0
    * Add all the allowed values of the AWS::DirectoryService::* Resources
    * Add all the allowed values of the AWS::DynamoDB::* Resources
    * Added AWS::Route53Resolver resources to the Spec Patches of ap-southeast-2
    * Patch the spec file with regex patterns
    * Add all the allowed values of the AWS::DocDb::* Resources
  + Fixes
    * Update rule E2504 to have '20000' as the max value
    * Update rule E1016 to not allow ImportValue inside of Conditions
    * Update rule E2508 to check conditions when providing limit checks on managed policies
    * Convert unicode to strings when in Py 3.4/3.5 and updating specs
    * Convert from `awslabs` to `aws-cloudformation` organization
    * Remove suppression of logging that was removed from samtranslator >1.7.0 and incompatibility with
      samtranslator 1.10.0

Update to version 0.15.0

  + Features
    * Add scaffolding for arbitrary Match attributes, adding attributes for Type checks
    * Add rule E3024 to validate that ProvisionedThroughput is not specified with BillingMode PAY_PER_REQUEST
  + CloudFormation Specifications
    * Update Spec files to 2.24.0
    * Update OnlyOne spec to have BlockDeviceMapping to include NoDevice with Ebs and VirtualName
    * Add all the allowed values of the AWS::CloudFront::* Resources
    * Add all the allowed values of the AWS::DAX::* Resources
  + Fixes
    * Update config parsing to use the builtin Yaml decoder
    * Add condition support for Inclusive E2521, Exclusive E2520, and AtLeastOne E2522 rules
    * Update rule E1029 to better check Resource strings inside IAM Policies
    * Improve the line/column information of a Match with array support

Update to version 0.14.1

  + CloudFormation Specifications
    * Update CloudFormation Specs to version 2.23.0
    * Add allowed values for AWS::Config::* resources
    * Add allowed values for AWS::ServiceDiscovery::* resources
    * Fix allowed values for Apache MQ
  + Fixes
    * Update rule E3008 to not error when using a list from a custom resource
    * Support simple types in the CloudFormation spec
    * Add tests for the formatters

Update to version 0.14.0

  + Features
    * Add rule E3035 to check the values of DeletionPolicy
    * Add rule E3036 to check the values of UpdateReplacePolicy
    * Add rule E2014 to check that there are no REFs in the Parameter section
    * Update rule E2503 to support TLS on NLBs
  + CloudFormation Specifications
    * Update CloudFormation spec to version 2.22.0
    * Add allowed values for AWS::Cognito::* resources
  + Fixes
    * Update rule E3002 to allow GetAtts to Custom Resources under a Condition

Update to version 0.13.2

  + Features
    * Introducing the cfn-lint logo!
    * Update SAM dependency version
  + Fixes
    * Fix CloudWatchAlarmComparisonOperator allowed values.
    * Fix typo resoruce_type_spec in several files
    * Better support for nested And, Or, and Not when processing Conditions

Update to version 0.13.1

  + CloudFormation Specifications
    * Add allowed values for AWS::CloudTrail::Trail resources
    * Patch spec to have AWS::CodePipeline::CustomActionType Version included
  + Fixes
    * Fix conditions logic to use AllowedValues when REFing a Parameter that has AllowedValues specified

Update to version 0.13.0

  + Features
    * New rule W1011 to check if a FindInMap is using the correct map name and keys
    * New rule W1001 to check if a Ref/GetAtt to a resource that exists when Conditions are used
    * Removed logic in E1011 and moved it to W1011 for validating keys
    * Add property relationships for AWS::ApplicationAutoScaling::ScalingPolicy into Inclusive, Exclusive, and AtLeastOne
    * Update rule E2505 to check the netmask bit
    * Include the ability to update the CloudFormation Specs using the Pricing API
  + CloudFormation Specifications
    * Update to version 2.21.0
    * Add allowed values for AWS::Budgets::Budget
    * Add allowed values for AWS::CertificateManager resources
    * Add allowed values for AWS::CodePipeline resources
    * Add allowed values for AWS::CodeCommit resources
    * Add allowed values for EC2 InstanceTypes from pricing API
    * Add allowed values for RedShift InstanceTypes from pricing API
    * Add allowed values for MQ InstanceTypes from pricing API
    * Add allowed values for RDS InstanceTypes from pricing API
  + Fixes
    * Fixed README indentation issue with .pre-commit-config.yaml
    * Fixed rule E2541 to allow for multiple inputs/outputs in a CodeBuild task
    * Fixed rule E3020 to allow for a period or no period at the end of a ACM registration record
    * Update rule E3001 to support UpdateReplacePolicy
    * Fix a cli issue where `--template` wouldn't be used when a .cfnlintrc was in the same folder
    * Update rule E3002 and E1024 to support packaging of AWS::Lambda::LayerVersion content

- Initial build
  + Version 0.12.1

Update to 0.9.1

 * the prof plugin now uses cProfile instead of hotshot for profiling
 * skipped tests now include the user's reason in junit XML's message field
 * the prettyassert plugin mishandled multi-line function definitions
 * Using a plugin's CLI flag when the plugin is already enabled via config
   no longer errors
 * nose2.plugins.prettyassert, enabled with --pretty-assert
 * Cleanup code for EOLed python versions
 * Dropped support for distutils.
 * Result reporter respects failure status set by other plugins
 * JUnit XML plugin now includes the skip reason in its output

Upgrade to 0.8.0:

- List of changes is too long to show here, see
  changes between 0.6.5 and 0.8.0

Update to 0.7.0:

* Added parameterized_class feature, for parameterizing entire test
  classes (many thanks to @TobyLL for their suggestions and help testing!)
* Fix DeprecationWarning on `inspect.getargs` (thanks @brettdh;
* Make sure that `setUp` and `tearDown` methods work correctly (#40)
* Raise a ValueError when input is empty (thanks @danielbradburn;
* Fix the order when number of cases exceeds 10 (thanks @ntflc;

aws-cli was updated to version 1.16.223:

For detailed changes see the changes entries:


python-boto3 was updated to 1.9.213, python-botocore was updated to 1.9.188, and python-s3transfer was updated to 1.12.74, fixing
lots of bugs and adding features (bsc#1146853, bsc#1146854)

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  • python-nose2-0.9.1-bp151.4.3.1
  • python-parameterized-0.7.0-bp151.2.3.1