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Recommended update for strawberry

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2020-12-28
This update for strawberry fixes the following issues:

Update to version 0.8.5:

* Bugfixes:

 + Fix return type of SmartPlaylistQueryWizardPlugin::type().
 + Fix comparison between QChar and integer to use QChar::unicode().
 + Fix return type of qHash with Qt 6 to use size_t instead of uint.
 + Fix tag edit dialog save process sometimes stuck.
 + Fix repeat and shuffle buttons greyed out when a dynamic playlist is open.
 + Fix CUE parser handling of values with empty quotes.
 + Fix broken year and disc collection groupings with CUE songs.
 + Fix HTML escaping showing up in OSD notifications when using custom text.

* Enhancements:

 + Add Swedish translation.
 + Made Qt X11Extras and WinExtras modules optional.
 + Save and restore geometry in edit tag dialog.
 + Add command line option to play a playlist based on name.
 + Change double-click behaviour in cover manager to open fullsize cover.

This update was imported from the openSUSE:Leap:15.2:Update update project.



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  • strawberry-0.8.5-bp152.2.16.1