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Recommended update for int10h-oldschoolpc-fonts

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2020-12-22
This update for int10h-oldschoolpc-fonts fixes the following issues:

Update to release 2.2

  * MxPlus line of fonts: The characters ď, ť, ľ, Ľ now
    consistently use the modified form of the háček/caron
    diacritic (as used in Czech/Slovak).
  * New fonts:
  * PC-compatible computers: NEC MultiSpeed (4 fonts), Schneider
    EuroPC (3 fonts), Tandy 1000 Video I -2x (1 font), Tandy 1000
    Video II -2x (1 font)
  * PC semi-compatibles: DEC Rainbow 100 (4 fonts), HP 150
    Touchscreen (1 font), Robotron A7100 (1 font), Tandy 2000
    graphics modes (3 fonts), Zenith Z-100 (2 fonts)

Update to release 2.1

  * New fonts: Acer 710 Mono, HP 100LX, Olivetti MS-DOS, Sanyo
    MBC-55x, Sanyo MBC-775, Sharp PC-3000, TeleVideo Tele-PC, CL
    Eagle II, CL Eagle III, CL Stingray, InteGraphics VGA,
    PhoenixVGA, Sigma Designs RealMagic, STB AutoEGA, early
    Trident/TVGA8800CS, Tseng EVA-480 ET2000, Various/ACM VGA,
    Acorn BBC Master 512, Atari Portfolio, Philips :YES G-2x,
    Texas Instruments PC/PPC, Wang Professional Computer.
  * Removed Olivetti MxVGA: superseded by CL Stingray.
- Switched to the Mx437/MxPlus variant font files and made
  Px437/PxPlus a fontconfig-level alias for compatibility.

Update to release 2.0

  * Added new variants: Ac (aspect corrected) and
    Mx (Mixed outline + bitmap).
  * New fonts (overview): AMI EGA, Acer-*, Apricot-*, Compaq
    Port3, DOS V, EpsonMGA, EverexME (like EGA), IBM Model30, IBM
    PS/55, LE Model D, NEC APC3, Nix8810, Olivetti M15/MX,
  * VGA SquarePx was renamed to AST PremiumExec.
  * ToshibaLCD was renamed to ToshibaSat; a few other minor

- All pre-stretched fonts (both Ac or Px-2X/Px-2Y variants) were
  moved to the -stretched subpackage.

- Expand font scaling notes and separate out to extra file
  (there is a lot to talk about).

This update was imported from the openSUSE:Leap:15.2:Update update project.



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