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Recommended update for firebird

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2020-12-06
This update for firebird fixes the following issues:

firebird was updated to upstream version 3.0.7

  * better diagnostic for the 'Missing security context' error
  * disconnect from the security database when missing plugin data
    structures cause an error (CORE-6339)
  * multiple important bug fixes

update to upstream version 3.0.6

  * add better transaction control in isql (CORE-4933)
  * increase parse speed of long queries (CORE-6274)
  * improve performance when using SRP plugin (CORE-6237)

update to 3.0.5:

  * Improve the engine providers compatibility across Firebird
  * Make it possible for the AuthClient plugin to access the
    authentication block from DPB
  * Implement option to restore compressed .nbk files without
    explicitly decompressing them

update to upstream version 3.0.4

  * add support for SRP authentication using SHA-256
  * ODS (database file format) version raised to 12.2 on some
    architectures (including i586, not x86_64); new version will be
    able to open existing ODS 12.0 created on the same architecture
    but for database transfer between architectures, backup/restore
    is always recommended
  * context variables WIRE_COMPRESSED and WIRE_ENCRYPTED were added
    to the SYSTEM namespace to report compression and encryption
    status, respectively, of the current connection (CORE-5913)
  * enhanced reporting of errors when dynamic library fails to load
  * include funciton name when UDF causes "Arithmetic exception,
    numeric overflow, or string truncation" error (CORE-5876)
  * context variables LOCALTIME and LOCALTIMESTAMP (synonyms for
    CURRENT_TIME and CURRENT_TIMESTAMP) for compatibility with 4.0
  * read-only restriction for system tables was relaxed to permit
    CREATE, ALTER and DROP operations on their indexes (CORE-5746)
  * fix unauthorized BLOB access vulnerability (CORE-5801)
  * for a full list of bugfixes and improvements see
- search also for "suse%d.%d" soname pattern to fix build after
  upcoming ICU update (boo#1095425)

- move firebitd.xinetd back to firebird-server subpackage on SLE15
- provide /etc/xinetd.d directory on Tumbleweed and Leap 15.0 as
  xinetd is no longer guaranteed to be present there; this solution
  (suggested by Dimstar) is less painful than either having
  firebird-server depend on xinetd or splitting a new subpackage

- patch xinetd config file unconditionally; previous change would
  result in unpatched xinetd config file installed on Tumbleweed
  so that the service would be enabled by default and firebird
  binary run as root

- Do no ship xinetd file on SLE15 (boo#1084459).

update to upstream version 3.0.3

  * fix conflicting constants; programs using * fb_info_crypt_state
    constant must be recompiled
  * provide crypto key name via fb_info_crypt_key item in
  * improve handling of concurrent ALTER DATABASE statements
  * make sure ORDER BY with equivalent expressions are equivalent
    and use the same plan
  * avoid serialization of isc_attach_database calls issued by
  * show date and time of analysis in gstat output
  * show database info in sweep error message
  * provide compression details and encryption status of the
    connection in Attachment::getInfo() API call
  * fix RDB$RELATION_TYPE when restoring ODS < 11.1 database
  * the optimizer can now estimate the actual record compression
  * various performance improvements
  * various bug fixes, for a list, see release notes at

This update was imported from the openSUSE:Leap:15.1:Update update project.



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