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Recommended update for bitcoin

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2020-02-11
This update for bitcoin fixes the following issues:

bitcoin was updated to version

* New RPCs

  + `getbalances` returns an object with all balances
  + `setwalletflag` sets and unsets wallet flags that enable or
    disable features specific to that existing wallet
  + `getblockfilter` fets the BIP158 filter for the specified

* New settings

  + `-blockfilterindex` enables the creation of BIP158 block
    filters for the entire blockchain

* Updated settings

  + `whitebind` and `whitelist` now accept a list of permissions
    to provide peers connecting using the indicated interfaces or
    IP addresses
  + Users setting custom `dbcache` values can increase their
    setting slightly without using any more real memory

* Updated RPCs

  + `sendmany` no longer has a `minconf` argument
  + `getbalance` and `sendtoaddress`, plus the new RPCs
    `getbalances` and `createwaller`, now accept an `acoid_reuse`
    parameter that controls whether already used addresses should
    be included in the operation
  + RPCs which have an `include_watchonly` argument or
    `includeWatching` option now default to true for watch-only
  + `listunspent` now returns a `reused` bool for each output if
    the wallet flag `avoid_reuse` is enabled
  + `getblockstats` now uses BlockUndo data instead of the
    transaction index, making it much faster, no longer dependent
    on the `-txindex` configuration option, and functional for
    all non-pruned blocks
  + `utxoupdatepsbt` now accepts a `descriptors` parameter that
     will fill out input and output scripts and keys when known
  + `sendrawtransaction` and `testmempoolaccept` no longer accept
    a allowhighfees parameter to fail mempool acceptance if the
    transaction fee exceeds the value of the configuration option
  + `getmempoolancestors`, `getmempooldescendants`,
    `getmempoolentry`, and `getrawmempool` no longer return a
    size field unless the configuration option
    `-deprecatedrpc=size` is used
  + `getwalletinfo` now includes a scanning field that is either
    false (no scanning) or an object with information about the
    duration and progress of the wallet's scanning historical
    blocks for transactions affecting its balances
  + `gettransaction` now accepts a third (boolean) argument
  + `createwallet` accepts a new passphrase parameter
  + `getchaintxstats` RPC now returns the additional key of
  + `getmempoolentry` now provides a weight field containing the
    transaction weight as defined in BIP141
  + The `getnetworkinfo` and `getpeerinfo` commands now contain a
    new field with decoded network service flags
  + `getdescriptorinfo` now returns an additional `checksum`
    field containing the checksum for the unmodified descriptor
    provided by the user
  + `joinpsbts` now shuffles the order of the inputs and outputs
    of the resulting joined PSBT
  + `walletcreatefundedpsbt` now signals BIP125 Replace-by-Fee if
    the -walletrbf configuration option is set to true

* GUI changes

  + The GUI wallet now provides bech32 addresses by default. The
    user may change the address type during invoice generation
    using a GUI toggle, or the default address type may be
    changed with the -addresstype configuration option.
  + In 0.18.0, a ./configure flag was introduced to allow
    disabling BIP70 support in the GUI (support was enabled by
    default). In 0.19.0, this flag is now disabled by default.

* P2P changes

  + BIP 61 reject messages were deprecated in version 0.18. They
    are now disabled by default, but can be enabled by setting
    the -enablebip61 command line option.
  + To eliminate well-known denial-of-service vectors in Bitcoin
    Core, especially for nodes with spinning disks, the default
    value for the -peerbloomfilters configuration option has been
    changed to false.
  + By default, Bitcoin Core will now make two additional 
    outbound connections that are exclusively used for

* CLI changes

  + The testnet field in bitcoin-cli -getinfo has been renamed to
    chain and now returns the current network name as defined in



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