Update Info


Recommended update for dehydrated

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2020-11-14
This update for dehydrated fixes the following issues:

Update to dehydrated 0.6.5:

  * Fixed broken APIv1 compatibility from last update

Update to dehydrated 0.6.4:

  * Fetch account ID from Location header instead of account json (boo#1139408)

Update to dehydrated 0.6.3:

  * OCSP refresh interval is now configurable
  * Implemented POST-as-GET
  * Call exit_hook on errors (with error-message as first parameter)
  * Initial support for tls-alpn-01 validation
  * New hook: sync_cert (for syncing certificate files to disk, see example
    hook description)
  * Fetch account information after registration to avoid missing account id

- Remove RandomizedDelaySec attribute for distros with older systemd

Update to dehydrated 0.6.2:


  * New deploy_ocsp hook
  * Allow account registration with custom key


  * Don't walk certificate chain for ACMEv2 (certificate contains chain by default)
  * Improved documentation on wildcards


  * Added workaround for compatibility with filesystem ACLs
  * Close unwanted external file-descriptors
  * Fixed JSON parsing on force-renewal (boo#1091216)
  * Fixed cleanup of challenge files/dns-entries on validation errors
  * A few more minor fixes

- Reenable nginx subpackage for factory 

- Update maintainer file and package description, remove features
  that are better described in the (upstream maintained) man page.

- Remove potentially harmful scriptlet (boo#1154167). Documented
  transition case in the maintainer README. Unlikely enough. The
  versions that have not transitioned yet would be broken for more
  than two years now.

- Removed lighttpd 1.x integration package. If you still would like
  to use lighttpd with dehydrated, follow the instructions in the
  README.maintainers file.

- Fix lighttpd config file (boo#1169834)

- Behavioral change: Use cron only for older RHEL/CentOS versions
  (along with SLE < 12.0). Everything else now uses systemd.
  Please adopt accordingly! Refer to README.md for



  • dehydrated-0.6.5-5.1