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Recommended update for keepassxc

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2020-11-03
This update for keepassxc fixes the following issues:

keepassxc was updated to version 2.6.2 

  - Added
    - Add option to keep window always on top to view menu [#5542]
    - Move show/hide usernames and passwords to view menu [#5542]
    - Add command line options and environment variables for
      changing the config locations [#5452]
    - Include TOTP settings in CSV import/export and add support
      for ISO datetimes [#5346]
  - Changed
    - Mask sensitive information in command execution confirmation
      prompt [#5542]
    - SSH Agent: Avoid shortcut conflict on macOS by changing "Add
      key" to Ctrl+H on all platforms [#5484]
  - Fixed
    - Prevent data loss with drag and drop between databases
    - Fix crash when toggling Capslock rapidly [#5545]
    - Don't mark URL references as invalid URL [#5380]
    - Reset entry preview after search [#5483]
    - Set Qt::Dialog flag on database open dialog [#5356]
    - Fix sorting of database report columns [#5426]
    - Fix IfDevice matching logic [#5344]
    - Fix layout issues and a stray scrollbar appearing on top of
      the entry edit screen [#5424]
    - Fix tabbing into the notes field [#5424]
    - Fix password generator ignoring settings on load [#5340]
    - Restore natural entry sort order on application load [#5438]
    - Fix paperclip and TOTP columns not saving state [#5327]
    - Enforce fixed password font in entry preview [#5454]
    - Add scrollbar when new database wizard exceeds screen size
    - Do not mark database as modified when viewing Auto-Type
      associations [#5542]
    - CLI: Fix two heap-use-after-free crashes [#5368, #5470]
    - Browser: Fix key exchange not working with multiple
      simultaneous users on Windows [#5485]
    - Browser: Fix entry retrieval when "only best matching" is
      enabled [#5316]
    - Browser: Ignore recycle bin on KeePassHTTP migration [#5481]
    - KeeShare: Fix import crash [#5542]
    - macOS: Fix toolbar theming and breadcrumb display issues
    - macOS: Fix file dialog randomly closing [#5479]
    - macOS: Fix being unable to select OPVault files for import



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  • keepassxc-2.6.2-bp152.3.14.1