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Recommended update for strawberry

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2020-11-01
This update for strawberry fixes the following issues:

strawberry was updated to version 0.8.2:

* Bugfixes:

 + Fixed broken transition to next song for CUE files with certain audio formats (regression since version 0.6.13).
 + Fixed all collection divider keys showing on top with some language collate settings (regression in version 0.8.1).
 + Fixed SQL querying songs by song ID when song ID is a string.
 + Fixed saving album covers for LMS Subsonic servers.
 + Fixed reading song creation dates with LMS Subsonic servers.
 + Fixed saving initial settings.
 + Removed use of HTML in system tray icon tooltip for all desktop environments instead of just KDE and Cinnamon.

Update to version 0.8.1:

* Bugfixes:

 + Fixed engine selection in backend settings with Qt 6.
 + Fixed pixelated playlist source icon for currently playing song.
 + Fixed crash when deleting queued songs from playlist.
 + Fixed situations where songs could disappear or be shown multiple times with certain collection groupings.
 + Fixed initial sizes of playlist header columns.
 + Fixed Strawberry preventing logout.
 + Fixed incorrectly splitting of basename for moodbar and transcoding for filenames with several dots.
 + Fixed certain cases where "playing now" for scrobbler were sent twice.
 + Fixed album cover loaded twice for certain songs causing slugglish playing widget.
 + Fixed playing widget to draw text after album cover is fully shown.
 + Fixed crash when trying to copy a closed playlist to a device.
 + Fixed incorrect song source for CUE songs when added through the collection watcher.
 + Disable use of HTML in system tray tooltip on Cinnamon too.
 + Remove problematic '&' character from OSD messages.

* Enhancements:

 + Improved playlist autoscrolling.
 + Only allow playlist right click tag editing for editable songs.
 + Read song creation time from subsonic API.
 + Remember manually set compilation status for albums when songs are rescanned.
 + Added icons for edit tag playlist right click menu actions.
 + Maximize dialogs if they are already open when clicked again in the menu.
 + Added support for compilation tag to edit tag dialog.
 + Show song info and album cover in OSD on stop and pause.
 + Reshow OSD on song restart.
 + Always save initial settings.
 + Removed use of deprecated gstreamer "low-percent" (Minimum buffer fill setting).
 + Added buffer low and high watermark settings to backend settings.
 + Make use of newer version of the desktop notifications service when available.

* New features:

 + Added setting for enabling scrobbling based on song source.
 + Added optional delete from disk in collection and playlist.
 + Added Last.fm import data wizard.
 + Added smart and dynamic playlists.
 + Added song ratings.
 + Added Qobuz streaming support.
 + Added Subsonic server side scrobbling support.
 + Load thumbnails from iPods to show under device collection.

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