Update Info


Security update for roundcubemail

Type: security
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2020-09-24
This update for roundcubemail fixes the following issues:

roundcubemail was upgraded to 1.3.15

This is a security update to the LTS version 1.3. (boo#1175135)

  * Security: Fix cross-site scripting (XSS) via HTML messages with malicious svg content [CVE-2020-16145]
  * Security: Fix cross-site scripting (XSS) via HTML messages with malicious math content

From 1.3.14 (boo#1173792 -> CVE-2020-15562)

  * Security: Fix cross-site scripting (XSS) via HTML messages with malicious svg/namespace

From 1.3.13

  * Installer: Fix regression in SMTP test section (#7417)

From 1.3.12

  * Security: Better fix for CVE-2020-12641 (boo#1171148)
  * Security: Fix XSS issue in template object 'username' (#7406)
  * Security: Fix couple of XSS issues in Installer (#7406)
  * Security: Fix cross-site scripting (XSS) via malicious XML attachment

From 1.3.11 (boo#1171148 -> CVE-2020-12641 boo#1171040 -> CVE-2020-12625 boo#1171149 -> CVE-2020-12640)

  * Enigma: Fix compatibility with Mail_Mime >= 1.10.5
  * Fix permissions on some folders created by bin/install-jsdeps.sh script (#6930)
  * Fix bug where inline images could have been ignored if Content-Id header contained redundant spaces (#6980)
  * Fix PHP Warning: Use of undefined constant LOG_EMERGE (#6991)
  * Fix PHP warning: "array_merge(): Expected parameter 2 to be an array, null given in sendmail.inc (#7003)
  * Security: Fix XSS issue in handling of CDATA in HTML messages
  * Security: Fix remote code execution via crafted 'im_convert_path' or 'im_identify_path' settings
  * Security: Fix local file inclusion (and code execution) via crafted 'plugins' option
  * Security: Fix CSRF bypass that could be used to log out an authenticated user (#7302)

From 1.3.10 (boo#1146286)

  * Managesieve: Fix so "Create filter" option does not show up when Filters menu is disabled (#6723)
  * Enigma: Fix bug where revoked users/keys were not greyed out in key info
  * Enigma: Fix error message when trying to encrypt with a revoked key (#6607)
  * Enigma: Fix "decryption oracle" bug [CVE-2019-10740] (#6638) 
  * Fix compatibility with kolab/net_ldap3 > 1.0.7 (#6785)
  * Fix bug where bmp images couldn't be displayed on some systems (#6728)
  * Fix bug in parsing vCard data using PHP 7.3 due to an invalid regexp (#6744)
  * Fix bug where bold/strong text was converted to upper-case on html-to-text conversion (6758)
  * Fix bug in rcube_utils::parse_hosts() where %t, %d, %z could return only tld (#6746)
  * Fix bug where Next/Prev button in mail view didn't work with multi-folder search result (#6793)
  * Fix bug where selection of columns on messages list wasn't working
  * Fix bug in converting multi-page Tiff images to Jpeg (#6824)
  * Fix wrong messages order after returning to a multi-folder search result (#6836)
  * Fix PHP 7.4 deprecation: implode() wrong parameter order (#6866)
  * Fix bug where it was possible to bypass the position:fixed CSS check in received messages (#6898)
  * Fix bug where some strict remote URIs in url() style were unintentionally blocked (#6899)
  * Fix bug where it was possible to bypass the CSS jail in HTML messages using :root pseudo-class (#6897)
  * Fix bug where it was possible to bypass href URI check with data:application/xhtml+xml URIs (#6896)

From 1.3.9 (boo#1115718)

  * Fix TinyMCE download location (#6694)
  * Fix bug where a message/rfc822 part without a filename wasn't listed on the attachments list (#6494)
  * Fix handling of empty entries in vCard import (#6564)
  * Fix bug in parsing some IMAP command responses that include unsolicited replies (#6577)
  * Fix PHP 7.2 compatibility in debug_logger plugin (#6586)
  * Fix so ANY record is not used for email domain validation, use A, MX, CNAME, AAAA instead (#6581)
  * Fix so mime_content_type check in Installer uses files that should always
    be available (i.e. from program/resources) (#6599)
  * Fix missing CSRF token on a link to download too-big message part (#6621)
  * Fix bug when aborting dragging with ESC key didn't stop the move action (#6623)
  * Fix bug where next row wasn't selected after deleting a collapsed thread (#6655)

From 1.3.8 

  * Fix PHP warnings on dummy QUOTA responses in Courier-IMAP 4.17.1 (#6374)
  * Fix so fallback from BINARY to BODY FETCH is used also on [PARSE] errors in dovecot 2.3 (#6383)
  * Enigma: Fix deleting keys with authentication subkeys (#6381)
  * Fix invalid regular expressions that throw warnings on PHP 7.3 (#6398)
  * Fix so Classic skin splitter does not escape out of window (#6397)
  * Fix XSS issue in handling invalid style tag content (#6410)
  * Fix compatibility with MySQL 8 - error on 'system' table use
  * Managesieve: Fix bug where show_real_foldernames setting wasn't respected (#6422)
  * New_user_identity: Fix %fu/%u vars substitution in user specific LDAP params (#6419)
  * Fix support for "allow-from <uri>" in "x_frame_options" config option (#6449)
  * Fix bug where valid content between HTML comments could have been skipped in some cases (#6464)
  * Fix multiple VCard field search (#6466)
  * Fix session issue on long running requests (#6470)

From 1.3.7 (boo#1115719)

  * Fix PHP Warning: Use of undefined constant IDNA_DEFAULT on systems without php-intl (#6244)
  * Fix bug where some parts of quota information could have been ignored (#6280)
  * Fix bug where some escape sequences in html styles could bypass security checks
  * Fix bug where some forbidden characters on Cyrus-IMAP were not prevented from use in folder names
  * Fix bug where only attachments with the same name would be ignored on zip download (#6301)
  * Fix bug where unicode contact names could have been broken/emptied or caused DB errors (#6299)
  * Fix bug where after "mark all folders as read" action message counters were not reset (#6307)
  * Enigma: [EFAIL] Don't decrypt PGP messages with no MDC protection (#6289)
  * Fix bug where some HTML comments could have been malformed by HTML parser (#6333)



  • roundcubemail-1.3.15-bp152.4.3.1