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Recommended update for linssid

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2020-09-20
This update for linssid fixes the following issues:

Update to Version 3.6

  * Attempts to resolve 802.11s mesh network nodes to their
    master. If otherwise not reported, marks SSID field of mesh
    node APs as "<mesh-masterSSID>".

version 3.5:

  * New vendor database and search scheme that now looks in ieee
    oui large, medium, and small block databases. Previously only
    looked in large block database because that's where 98% of
    all devices are found.
  * Displays SSID of attach points with no SSID as "<hidden>".

version 3.4:

  * Fixes location and owner of ".linssid.prefs" and
    Instead of placed in /root and owned by root they are now
    placed in "$HOME" and owned by "$USER" when launched with
    linssid-pkexec which is the normal .desktop launch.
  * Fixed some wrongly addressed cosmetic icons.
  * Updated vendor data file. (Version 3.3 had some trailing
    characters that messed up data logging.)
  * Sundry under-the-hood optimizations.

version 3.3:

  * Adds selection of table font size in preferences dialog.

version 3.2:

  * Now shows mark for control channel on the channel plots.
    Very useful for making sure your control channel(s) don't
    overlap with the neighbors'.
  * Fixes potential memory leak with attached plots.

version 3.1:

  * Big change - now requires polkit (policykit) authentication.
    No way around this as debian/ubuntu/* has emasculated su and
    A step backward IMHO. Now the whole app must run as root.
    So, all of the prefs and log files are now in /root and are
    owned by root. And, the whole app must run as root instead
    of just well-tested system parts.
  * Major rewrite of the synchronization between the main window
    and the data getter.
  * Install rewrite
  * Desktop file fix
  * Updated vendor database

version 3.0:

  * Fix race condition with large number of SSID
  * Updated vendor database

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  • linssid-3.6-bp152.4.3.1