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Recommended update for choqok

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2020-09-14
This update for choqok fixes the following issues:

Add upstream patches to fix problems that still were present in
the 1.7.0 release:

* Fixed retrieving Twitter conversations (kde#417193)
* Link to the original post for retweets
* twitter Dont overwrite contents of retweets (kde#370260)

Update to 1.7.0:

* Port to QtNetworkAuth and drop qoauth dependency
* Plugin compability break: MicroBlog::profileUrl returns a QUrl
* Plugin compability break: MicroBlog::postUrl returns a QUrl
* Allow to disable accounts
* Honour the default font (kde#372291)
* Make the sign footer consistent between all microplugins
* Unread post count in the application title sums all unread
  posts' accounts
* Twitter: update char limit to 280
* Twitter: support extended tweets (kde#370260)
* Twitter: fix list browsing (kde#382392)
* Twitter: fix followers list
* Twitter: show client source even for private messages
* Twitter: show user' real name when no description is set
* GNU Social: do not rely over qvitter to get the post url
* GNU Social: hide linkback statuses
* GNU Social: show user' real name when no description is set
* Pump.io: escape the description
* Pump.io: show user' real name when no description is set
* Drop yFrog support from ImagePreview plugin

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