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Recommended update for keepassxc

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2020-09-09
This update for keepassxc fixes the following issues:

keepassxc was updated to version 2.6.1:

- Add menu entries for auto-typing only username or only
  password [#4891]
- Browser: Add command for retrieving current TOTP [#5278]
- Improve man pages [#5010]
- Linux: Support Xfce screen lock signals [#4971]
- Linux: Add OARS metadata to AppStream markup [#5031]
- SSH Agent: Substitute tilde with %USERPROFILE% on Windows
- Improve password generator UI and UX [#5129]
- Do not prompt to restart if switching the theme back and
  forth [#5084]
- Change actions for F1, F2, and F3 keys [#5082]
- Skip referenced passwords in health check report [#5056]
- Check system-wide Qt translations directory for downstream
- translations packaging [#5064]
- macOS: Change password visibility toggle shortcut to Ctrl+H to
- avoid conflict with system shortcut [#5114]
- Browser: Only display domain name in browser access confirm
  dialog to avoid overly wide window sizes [#5214]
- Fix clipboard not being cleared when database is locked while
  timeout is still active [#5184]
- Fix list of previous databases not being cleared in some
  cases [#5123]
- Fix saving of non-data changes on database lock [#5210]
- Fix search results banner theming [#5197]
- Don’t enforce theme palette in Classic theme mode and add hover
  effect for buttons [#5122, #5267]
- Fix label clipping in settings on high-DPI screens [#5227]
- Fix excessive memory usage by icons on systems with high-DPI
  screens [#5266]
- Fix crash if number of TOTP digits exceeds ten [#5106]
- Fix slot detection when first YubiKey is configured on the second
  slot [#5004]
- Prevent crash if focus widget gets deleted during saving [#5005]
- Always show buttons for opening or saving attachments [#4956]
- Update link to Auto-Type help [#5228]
- Fix build errors with Ninja [#5121]
- CLI: Fix db-info command wrongly labelled as db-show in
  usage listing [#5140]
- Windows: Use Classic theme by default if high-contrast mode
  is on [#5191]
- Linux: Add workaround for qt5ct bug, causing icons not to show
  up [#5011]
- Linux: Correct high-DPI display by not allowing fractional
  scaling [#5185]
- Browser: Consider subdomain and path when requesting only
  “best-matching credentials” [#4832]
- SSH Agent: Always forget all keys on lock [#5115]



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  • keepassxc-2.6.1-bp152.3.11.1