Update Info


Security update for libredwg

Type: security
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2020-01-28
This update for libredwg fixes the following issues:

libredwg was updated to release 0.10:

API breaking changes:

* Added a new int *isnewp argument to all dynapi utf8text
  getters, if the returned string is freshly malloced or not.
* removed the UNKNOWN supertype, there are only UNKNOWN_OBJ and
  UNKNOWN_ENT left, with common_entity_data.
* renamed BLOCK_HEADER.preview_data to preview,
  preview_data_size to preview_size.
* renamed SHAPE.shape_no to style_id.
* renamed CLASS.wasazombie to is_zombie.


* Harmonized INDXFB with INDXF, removed extra src/in_dxfb.c.
* Fixed encoding of added r2000 AUXHEADER address.
* Fixed EED encoding from dwgrewrite.
* Add several checks against
    [CVE-2020-6609, boo#1160520], [CVE-2020-6610, boo#1160522],
    [CVE-2020-6611, boo#1160523], [CVE-2020-6612, boo#1160524],
    [CVE-2020-6613, boo#1160525], [CVE-2020-6614, boo#1160526],
    [CVE-2020-6615, boo#1160527]
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  • libredwg-0.10-bp151.2.6.1