Update Info


Security update for chromium

Type: security
Severity: important
Issued: 2020-07-23
This update for chromium fixes the following issues:

- Update to 84.0.4147.89 boo#1174189:
  * Critical CVE-2020-6510: Heap buffer overflow in background fetch. 
  * High CVE-2020-6511: Side-channel information leakage in content security policy. 
  * High CVE-2020-6512: Type Confusion in V8. 
  * High CVE-2020-6513: Heap buffer overflow in PDFium. 
  * High CVE-2020-6514: Inappropriate implementation in WebRTC. 
  * High CVE-2020-6515: Use after free in tab strip. 
  * High CVE-2020-6516: Policy bypass in CORS. 
  * High CVE-2020-6517: Heap buffer overflow in history. 
  * Medium CVE-2020-6518: Use after free in developer tools. 
  * Medium CVE-2020-6519: Policy bypass in CSP. 
  * Medium CVE-2020-6520: Heap buffer overflow in Skia. 
  * Medium CVE-2020-6521: Side-channel information leakage in autofill.
  * Medium CVE-2020-6522: Inappropriate implementation in external protocol handlers. 
  * Medium CVE-2020-6523: Out of bounds write in Skia. 
  * Medium CVE-2020-6524: Heap buffer overflow in WebAudio. 
  * Medium CVE-2020-6525: Heap buffer overflow in Skia. 
  * Low CVE-2020-6526: Inappropriate implementation in iframe sandbox. 
  * Low CVE-2020-6527: Insufficient policy enforcement in CSP. 
  * Low CVE-2020-6528: Incorrect security UI in basic auth. 
  * Low CVE-2020-6529: Inappropriate implementation in WebRTC. 
  * Low CVE-2020-6530: Out of bounds memory access in developer tools. 
  * Low CVE-2020-6531: Side-channel information leakage in scroll to text. 
  * Low CVE-2020-6533: Type Confusion in V8. 
  * Low CVE-2020-6534: Heap buffer overflow in WebRTC. 
  * Low CVE-2020-6535: Insufficient data validation in WebUI. 
  * Low CVE-2020-6536: Incorrect security UI in PWAs.
- Use bundled xcb-proto as we need to generate py2 bindings
- Try to fix non-wayland build for Leap builds

This update was imported from the openSUSE:Leap:15.2:Update update project.



  • chromium-84.0.4147.89-bp152.2.7.1