Update Info


Recommended update for restic

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2019-03-23
This update contains restic 0.9.3 and includes all upstream bug fixes and improvements in this version (boo#1115498):

- Fixes for various issues affecting backup and restore
- Various improvements to output and option handling
- Improvements and corrections to the scanner
- The ls command can not be filtered by directories
- Allow saving files/directories on different filesystem with --one-file-system
- The rclone backend now respects --limit-upload and --limit-download
- Uploading of large files to MS Azure is now allowed
- When reading backups from stdin (via restic backup --stdin), 
  restic now uses the time stamp for the new backup passed in --time.
- restic check now has improved handling of cache
- Improvements to the s3 backend
- restic forget now has the --keep-within option to keep a range
- Add subpackages for command line completions for bash and zsh shells




  • restic-0.9.3-bp150.4.3.1