Update Info


Security update for python-Django

Type: security
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2019-03-23
This update for python-Django to version 2.08 fixes the following issues:

The following security vulnerability was fixed:

- CVE-2018-14574: Fixed an redirection vulnerability in CommonMiddleware (boo#1102680)

The following other bugs were fixed:

- Fixed a regression in Django 2.0.7 that broke the regex lookup on MariaDB
- Fixed a regression where django.template.Template crashed if the
  template_string argument is lazy
- Fixed __regex and __iregex lookups with MySQL
- Fixed admin check crash when using a query expression in ModelAdmin.ordering
- Fixed admin changelist crash when using a query expression without asc() or
  desc() in the page’s ordering
- Fixed a regression that broke custom template filters that use decorators
- Fixed detection of custom URL converters in included pattern
- Fixed a regression that added an unnecessary subquery to the GROUP BY clause
  on MySQL when using a RawSQL annotation
- Fixed WKBWriter.write() and write_hex() for empty polygons on GEOS 3.6.1+
- Fixed a regression in Django 1.10 that could result in large memory usage
  when making edits using ModelAdmin.list_editable
- Corrected the import paths that inspectdb generates for django.contrib.postgres fields
- Fixed crashes in django.contrib.admindocs when a view is a callable object,
  such as django.contrib.syndication.views.Feed
- Fixed a regression in Django 1.11.12 where QuerySet.values() or values_list()
  after combining an annotated and unannotated queryset with union(),
  difference(), or intersection() crashed due to mismatching columns



  • python-Django-2.0.8-bp150.3.3.1