Update Info


Security update for phpMyAdmin

Type: security
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2019-12-01
This update for phpMyAdmin fixes the following issues:

phpMyAdmin was updated to 4.9.2:

* CVE-2019-18622: SQL injection in Designer feature (boo#1157614)
* Fixes for "Failed to set session cookie" error 
* Advisor with MySQL 8.0.3 and newer
* Fix PHP deprecation errors
* Fix a situation where exporting users after a delete query could remove users
* Fix incorrect "You do not have privileges to manipulate with the users!" warning
* Fix copying a database's privileges and several other problems moving columns with MariaDB
* Fix for phpMyAdmin not selecting all the values when using shift-click to select during Export



  • phpMyAdmin-4.9.2-bp151.3.9.1