Update Info


Recommended update for arp-scan

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2019-11-10
This update for arp-scan to version 1.9.6 fixes the following issues:

- Update to version 1.9.6 (boo#1154552):
  * Use libpcap function pcap_set_immediate_mode() instead of ioctl
    calls to ensure packets are delivered immediately. This means
    that arp-scan now requires libpcap 1.5.0 or later and will
    not work with earlier libpcap versions

- Update to version 1.9.5:
  * Updated IEEE OUI and IAB MAC/Vendor files.
  * Added new --plain (-x) option to surpress printing of header
    and footer text, and only display one output line for each
    responding host.
  * Use LWP::UserAgent instead of LWP::Simple in get-oui and
    get-iab to enable the raw content to be obtained, which avoids
    Unicode/UTF-8 issues.
  * Added arp-fingerprint patterns for WIZnet W5100 and Cisco IOS



  • arp-scan-1.9.6-bp151.4.3.1