Update Info


Security update for singularity

Type: security
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2019-10-07
This update for singularity fixes the following issues:

singularity was updated to version 3.4.1:

This point release addresses the following issues:

- Fixes an issue where a PID namespace was always being used
- Fixes compilation on non 64-bit architectures
- Allows fakeroot builds for zypper, pacstrap, and debootstrap
- Correctly detects seccomp on OpenSUSE
- Honors GO_MODFLAGS properly in the mconfig generated makefile
- Passes the Mac hostname to the VM in MacOS Singularity builds
- Handles temporary EAGAIN failures when setting up loop devices on
recent kernels.

New version 3.4.0. Many changes since 3.2.1, for the full changelog 
  please read CHANGELOG.md

Update to version 3.2.1:

This point release fixes the following bugs:

- Allows users to join instances with non-suid workflow
- Removes false warning when seccomp is disabled on the host
- Fixes an issue in the terminal when piping output to commands
- Binds NVIDIA persistenced socket when `--nv` is invoked

Improve integration with SUSE Products: add support to create Singularity
images with SLE.

* Newer SUSE versions use a different path for the RPM database.
* When the installation succeeds by an installation scriptlet fails
  zypper returns error code 107. Don't treat this as an error.
* In order to specify a repository GPG key, add support for
  multi line variables.
* In order to specify a list of additional repos, add support
  to 'indexed' variables.
* Improve handling of SUSE repositires:

  - For SLE, use SUSEConnect to get all product repos.
  - Allow to specify a repository GPG key.
  - Allow to specify additional installation repositories.

- Add group 'singularity', fix ownerships.

Updated to singularity v3.2.0

* CVE-2019-11328: Instance files are now stored in user's home directory for privacy and
  many checks have been added to ensure that a user can't manipulate files
  to change `starter-suid` behavior when instances are joined (many thanks
  to Matthias Gerstner from the SUSE security team for finding and securely
  reporting this vulnerability) (boo#1128598)

* New features / functionalities

  - Introduced a new basic framework for creating and managing plugins
  - Added the ability to create containers through multi-stage builds
  - Created the concept of a Sylabs Cloud "remote" endpoint and added the
    ability for users and admins to set them through CLI and conf files 
  - Added caching for images from Singularity Hub
  - Made it possible to compile Singularity outside of `$GOPATH`
  - Added a json partition to SIF files for OCI configuration when building
    from an OCI source
  - Full integration with Singularity desktop for MacOS code base

* New Commands

  - Introduced the `plugin` command group for creating and managing plugins.

* Introduced the `remote` command group to support management of Singularity
* Added to the `key` command group to improve PGP key management.
* Added the `Stage: <name>` keyword to the definition file header and the
  `from <stage name>` option/argument pair to the `%files` section to
  support multistage builds
* Deprecated / removed commands

  - The `--token/-t` option has been deprecated in favor of the `singularity
    remote` command group

* Changed defaults / behaviors

  - Ask to confirm password on a newly generated PGP key
  - Prompt to push a key to the KeyStore when generated
  - Refuse to push an unsigned container unless overridden with
    `--allow-unauthenticated/-U` option
  - Warn and prompt when pulling an unsigned container without the
       `--allow-unauthenticated/-U` option
For more information check:

Updated to singularity v3.1.1:

* New Commands

  - New hidden `buildcfg` command to display compile-time parameters 
  - Added support for `LDFLAGS`, `CFLAGS`, `CGO_` variables in build system
  - Added `--nocolor` flag to Singularity client to disable color in logging

* Removed Commands

  - `singularity capability <add/drop> --desc` has been removed
  - `singularity capability list <--all/--group/--user>` flags have all
    been removed 

* New features / functionalities
  - The `--builder` flag to the `build` command implicitly sets `--remote`
  - Repeated binds no longer cause Singularity to exit and fail, just warn
  - Corrected typos and improved docstrings throughout
  - Removed warning when CWD does not exist on the host system
  - Added support to spec file for RPM building on SLES 11

Update to singularity 3.1.0 what is reimplementaion in go
so this is a complete new build and just reusing the changelog
entries, following build differences were made to the upstream
spec file

* build position independent executable
* build stripped executable

- Change from /var/singularity to /var/lib/singularity
- Fix warning on bash-completion file about non-executible script.

- Add bash completions directory to file list for suse_version < 1500
  to keep the build checker happy.



  • singularity-3.4.1-bp151.3.3.1