Update Info


Security update for SDL2_image

Type: security
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2019-09-10
This update for SDL2_image fixes the following issues:

Update to new upstream release 2.0.5.

Security issues fixed:

* TALOS-2019-0820 CVE-2019-5051: exploitable heap-based buffer overflow vulnerability when loading a PCX file (boo#1140419)
* TALOS-2019-0821 CVE-2019-5052: exploitable integer overflow vulnerability when loading a PCX file (boo#1140421)
* TALOS-2019-0841 CVE-2019-5057: code execution vulnerability in the PCX image-rendering functionality of SDL2_image (boo#1143763)
* TALOS-2019-0842 CVE-2019-5058: heap overflow in XCF image rendering can lead to code execution (boo#1143764)
* TALOS-2019-0843 CVE-2019-5059: heap overflow in XPM image (boo#1143766)
* TALOS-2019-0844 CVE-2019-5060: integer overflow in the XPM image (boo#1143768)

Not mentioned by upstream, but issues seemingly further fixed:

* CVE-2019-12218: NULL pointer dereference in the SDL2_image function IMG_LoadPCX_RW (boo#1135789)
* CVE-2019-12217: NULL pointer dereference in the SDL stdio_read function (boo#1135787)
* CVE-2019-12220: SDL_image triggers an out-of-bounds read in the SDL function SDL_FreePalette_REAL (boo#1135806)
* CVE-2019-12221: a SEGV caused by SDL_image in SDL function SDL_free_REAL in stdlib/SDL_malloc.c (boo#1135796)
* CVE-2019-12222: out-of-bounds read triggered by SDL_image in the function SDL_InvalidateMap at video/SDL_pixels.c (boo#1136101)
* CVE-2019-13616: fix heap buffer overflow when reading a crafted bmp file (boo#1141844).

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  • SDL2_image-2.0.5-bp151.4.3.1