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Recommended update for strawberry

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2019-08-24
This update for strawberry fixes the following issues:

strawberry was updated to version 0.6.3

+ Fixed crash when using internet services.
+ Fixed musicbrainz tagfetcher only showing 1 result per song.
+ Fixed collection watcher to unwatch deleted directories.
+ Added "album - disc" grouping. 

Update to version 0.6.2:

+ Disabled fatal error for FTS5 cmake test.

Update to version 0.6.1:

+ Compare artist and album case-insensitive when generating score for album covers.
+ Fixed broken return value of sendMessage() in SingleApplication causing application to be started twice.
+ Improved error handling in local redirectserver.
+ Added new tabs view with search and favorites to Tidal.
+ Fixed gst_pad_send_event lock in gstreamer pipeline.
+ Made Xine analyzer optional to fix compilation with newer Xine.
+ Implemented offset and queue to all Tidal requests.
+ Added new artist, album and song ids to songs schemas to add/remove favorites.
+ Improved lyrics searcher.
+ Fixed disabling fading option in backend settings when volume control is disabled.
+ Added x-scheme-handler/tidal to desktop file to handle tidal songs and allow OAuth redirect url.
+ Added love button for scrobblers.
+ Fixed gapless playback when using url handler.
+ Fixed enabling/disabling fading options in backend settings.
+ Added support for Subsonic streaming.
+ Added support for Qobuz streaming.
+ Added confirmation box for opening songs in file browser to avoid users accidentally opening too many songs.
+ Added OSD notification on playback resume option.
+ Fixed MusicBrainz tag fetcher to respect rate limiting when fetching tags.
+ Fixed hardcoded systemtray icon.
+ Added live scanning and option to rescan songs.
+ Added playlist background image stretch option to zoom image with cutting the height.
+ Replaced use of QDesktopWidget with QDesktop
+ Replaced all uses of QSignalMapper with lambda expressions
+ Fixed collection album covers stuck to old ones when new album covers are fetched
+ Fixed all Json services to check HttpStatusCodeAttribute in addition to checking network errors
+ Fixed track change hang
+ Fixed playlist sorting to ignore articles
+ Fixed MessageReply crash in tagreader
+ Fixed MTP support
+ Fixed possible crashes with libimobiledevice devices
+ Removed older devicekit udisks backend
+ Using iconv to replace non-ascii characters when organising files
+ Fixed IPod support when listed from UDisks2
+ Fixed memory leaks when establishing database connections and in database backup.
+ Fixed dangling database connections when loading collection, playlists and devices.
+ Fixed closing and deleting backends to free memory and database connections on exit.
+ Fixed dangling pointers causing crashes when loading new album covers in collection.
+ Fixed playlist shortcuts being broken because they were hidden in playlist right click menu.
+ Replaced FTS3 and custom tokenizer with FTS5 with unicode61.
+ Fixed certain cases where track slider popup was stuck.
+ Fixed certain cases where the playing widget gets stuck when switching fast between context and other widgets.
+ Removed ChartLyrics provider (service have been down for a long time). 

Update to version 0.5.5:

+ Fixed Tidal API url

Update to version 0.5.4:

+ Changed description for offline mode scrobbling for less confusion
+ Fixed scrobbler to not send "playing now" when in offline mode
+ Added common RPM spec file for openSUSE, Fedora, RedHat, CentOS and Mageia
+ Improved cover manager score system
+ Added Deezer and Tidal cover providers
+ Added ChartLyrics lyrics provider
+ Added HTTPS workaround for Last.Fm OAuth to solve redirect https to http (localhost) problems
+ Added Moodbar
+ Fixed incorrect desktop file returned by mpris2
+ Fixed mpris2 CanPlay
+ Fixed updating play and skip count properly
+ Fixed track seeking with mouse wheel
+ Fixed CDDA tracks being invalidated (greyed) in the playlist
+ Fixed problems using transcoder when other engines were selected
+ Improved song loader error handling
+ Fixed enabling equalizer having no affect
+ Disable notification art setting when tray icon notification is selected
+ Applying settings immediately when pressing Apply in settings dialog instead of just saving
+ Disable scroll over icon to change track setting on non-X11 systems and KDE
+ Removed nvidia workaround on exit which is no longer needed
+ Fixed chromaprinter unref buffer crash when using complete tags automatically
+ Fixed crash on exit using VLC engine when using static taglib caused by tagblib linking collision
+ Fixed context background to follow base colors instead of always white
+ Fixed fancy tabbar small sidebar mode width
+ Added some missing taglib configure checks
+ Saving geometry, tabbar, playlist column settings on exit only to reduce wear on SSD's and fix sluggish resizing with non-SSD
+ Fixed and improved snap including upgrading to core18 and adding proper alsa support
+ Fixed resume playback on startup not working for other than the first playlist

This update was imported from the openSUSE:Leap:15.1:Update update project.



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  • strawberry-0.6.3-bp151.2.3.1