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Recommended update for guake

Type: recommended
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2019-08-21
This update for guake fixes the following issues:

guake was updated to version 3.6.3:

* Add drag-n-drop to terminal (text & uris)
* When scrolling with "shift" (1 page) or "shift + ctrl" (4
  pages) it will be faster (gh#Guake/guake#271)
* Add schema_version check for tabs session restore
* Add save/restore terminal split for tabs session -
  Save/Restore terminal split by pre-order traversal full binary
  tree in list
* Bump tabs session schema_version to 2 (to support terminal
* Lazy restore terminal split until Guake is visible
* Manage terminal signal handler by handler_ids
* Avoid spurious resize event when showing fullscreened window
* Make sure workspace-specific-tab-sets only enable on X11
  backend (due to wnck)
* Add install/uninstall-dev-locale to support dev locale
* Fix DualTerminalBox grab focus when remove dead child
* Support customize prefix for make
* Fix re-focus on terminal after rename dialog destroy
* Fix split terminal by menu will not follow last terminal cwd
  (if option set)
* Fix delete_shell using os.waitpid (should not use it)

guake was updated to 3.6.1:

* new feature: search in current terminal
* new feature: session saving
* new feature: settings export and import
* various fixes to the core
* minor build system fixes
* translation updates

guake was updated to version 3.5.0:

* new hotkey (CTRL+SHIFT+H) to open new tab in home directory
* "New tab" button (gh#Guake/guake#1471)
* Open new tab by double-clicking on the tab bar
* Add new context menu on the notebook
* Add a CLI option to change palette scheme (gh#Guake/guake#1345)
* Bold text is also bright (>= VTE 0.52 only)
* guake --split-vertical and --split-horizontal split the current
* tab just like the context menu does
* Optional close buttons for tabs (disabled by default)
* Guake can now provide a set of tabs per workspace
* Reverse transparency slider to be more meaningful (gh#Guake/guake#1501)
* Fix command-line select tab behavior (gh#Guake/guake#1492)
* removed duplicate event bind? previously I had issue where quick-open event would be fired twice because of this.
* fix settings only applied to the active workspace if more the 1 is used
* fix prompt quit dialog numbers when more then 1 workspace is used
* Updated translations.

This update was imported from the openSUSE:Leap:15.1:Update update project.



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  • guake-3.6.3-bp151.3.3.3