Update Info


Optional update for osc, openSUSE-release-tools

Type: optional
Severity: low
Issued: 2019-08-14
This update for osc, openSUSE-release-tools fixes the following issues:

- Add new package openSUSE-release-tools in version 20190603.49a5e95b:

  * Support licensedigger as reviewer for SUSE and openSUSE
  * [ttm] remove ppc64 (BE) for TW bypass boo#1112920

- osc was updated to 0.165.1:

  * add Provides: %{use_python}-osc so that other packages can require the correct version (either python2-osc or python3-osc)
  * fix oscssl "urldefrag is not defined error"
  * osc release command now python3 compatible
  * add more decode logic in get_commitlog
  * osc add <dir> in compressed mode now works with python3
  * osc getbinaries now prints the output instead of
    using the quiet mode as a default

This update was imported from the openSUSE:Leap:15.1:Update update project.



  • openSUSE-release-tools-20190603.49a5e95b-bp151.3.3.1