Update Info


Security update for ledger

Type: security
Severity: moderate
Issued: 2019-07-21
This update for ledger fixes the following issues:

ledger was updated to 3.1.3:

+ Properly reject postings with a comment right after the flag (bug #1753)
+ Make sorting order of lot information deterministic (bug #1747)
+ Fix bug in tag value parsing (bug #1702)
+ Remove the org command, which was always a hack to begin with (bug #1706)
+ Provide Docker information in README
+ Various small documentation improvements 

This also includes the update to 3.1.2:

+ Increase maximum length for regex from 255 to 4095 (bug #981)
+ Initialize periods from from/since clause rather than earliest 
  transaction date (bug #1159)
+ Check balance assertions against the amount after the posting (bug #1147)
+ Allow balance assertions with multiple posts to same account (bug #1187)
+ Fix period duration of "every X days" and similar statements (bug #370)
+ Make option --force-color not require --color anymore (bug #1109)
+ Add quoted_rfc4180 to allow CVS output with RFC 4180 compliant quoting.
+ Add support for --prepend-format in accounts command
+ Fix handling of edge cases in trim function (bug #520)
+ Fix auto xact posts not getting applied to account total during 
  journal parse (bug #552)
+ Transfer null_post flags to generated postings
+ Fix segfault when using --market with --group-by
+ Use amount_width variable for budget report
+ Keep pending items in budgets until the last day they apply
+ Fix bug where .total used in value expressions breaks totals
+ Make automated transactions work with assertions (bug #1127)
+ Improve parsing of date tokens (bug #1626)
+ Don't attempt to invert a value if it's already zero (bug #1703)
+ Do not parse user-specified init-file twice
+ Fix parsing issue of effective dates 
  (bug #1722, TALOS-2017-0303, CVE-2017-2807)
+ Fix use-after-free issue with deferred postings 
  (bug #1723, TALOS-2017-0304, CVE-2017-2808)
+ Fix possible stack overflow in option parsing routine 
  (bug #1222, CVE-2017-12481)
+ Fix possible stack overflow in date parsing routine 
  (bug #1224, CVE-2017-12482)
+ Fix use-after-free when using --gain (bug #541)
+ Python: Removed double quotes from Unicode values.
+ Python: Ensure that parse errors produce useful RuntimeErrors
+ Python: Expose journal expand_aliases
+ Python: Expose journal_t::register_account
+ Improve bash completion
+ Emacs Lisp files have been moved to https://github.com/ledger/ledger-mode
+ Various documentation improvements

This update was imported from the openSUSE:Leap:15.0:Update update project.



  • ledger-3.1.3-bp150.3.3.1